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Benjah Ninjah – Tippin’ EP [TMN Premiere]

Given our ninja status, it would make sense for us to deliver an exclusive first listen from Benjah Ninjah. His EP Tippin’ is here in full, available as a free download if you’re not willing to support the project. After listening, you’ll be glad to purchase it.

Tippin’ comes in at three tracks long, plus an instrumental of one of the singles. Benjah’s trippy electronic sound is just the left-field release this Summer has been in need of. Each track shares its own space within the project, expressing different styles. “Clairvoyance” even recruits Dylano for some bars on the hip-hop original. Together they form one rock-solid EP that you get first in the dojo thanks to We Got This Music.

’Benjah Ninjah – Represent’
’Benjah Ninjah – Clockwork’
’Benjah Ninjah – Clairvoyance (Feat. Dylano)’
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