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[Future] Free n Losh – Rose (ft. Bethea)

Free n Losh
Rose (ft. Bethea)

Perhaps the most soulful future track we’ve heard “Rose” is the new single from the Free n Losh boys. They enlisted Bethea of Toronto to bring her exquisite vocal work to the track, along with Nick Ferraro of Busty and The Bass who dropped some hot sax on the production. It’s almost too dreamy to handle. It makes you feel as though you are above cloud nine. I can’t think of a track this beautiful off the top of my head that has came out this year. “Rose” will captivate audiences both within and outside electronic music as it has strong crossover qualities. Free n Losh have put out some amazing records, but this one is on a whole new level. Do yourself a favor and throw this on repeat for a super solid start to the week.

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