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[Future] Varien – Beyond the Surface (ft. Aloma Steele)

Beyond the Surface (feat. Aloma Steele)

As he prepares for his debut album out soon on Monstercat, Varien takes a slight left turn away from his usual snarling dubstep drops to take a trip to a realm of future beats. Teaming up with vocalist Aloma Steele again, the Tampa-based producer picks and chooses seemingly incongruent elements to expertly craft them into what is “Beyond the Surface.”

First, Aloma Steele’s tempting vocals contain a duplicitous element to them where listeners do not know the songstress’ true nature. Varien trickles piano keys to lay a tranquil vibe alongside nebulous synth arrays and Steele’s croons. The rising future producer then pulls together a sultry sax, international percussion ensembles, and accented snarls that makes the drops half comforting, half vicious. All in all, its a beautiful offering by Varien as he prepares for his debut LP. Grab the free download above.

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