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Cyberpunkers – Blaze Bass [TMN Premiere]

Blaze Bass

On April 25th, the Italian duo Cyberpunkers will be releasing their Feel The Disco EP through Big Fish Recordings. They’ve started to unravel the tracks through premieres, which is just what is currently happening with “Blaze Bass” here today. Their future meets electro house original is being previewed in full by way of the dojo.

“Blaze Bass” is just another example of why Cyberpunkers is one of house music’s hottest acts. They’ve been killing it for years, and have always been able to adapt and push new sounds forth. With this single we get their dark signature sound, this time flipped with some deeper qualities than their usual hard hitting euro-trash style. We still get some of that, as “Blaze Bass” has a gritty edge to it that only could be managed by these two Italians. Cyberpunkers never cease to amaze as they continue to put out some of the best electro you can find. Catch them on the 25th when their EP drops in full.

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