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[TMN Interview + Music Video] Taska Black feat. Ayelle – Dead Inside

You may have been seeing bitbird artist Taska Black’s name quite a bit recently. The Dutch producer has been on a steady rise, seeing overwhelming success in 2017 with singles such as “Where We Go,” as well as his collaboration with fellow bitbird artists Droeloe and vocalist Cut_, “Running Away.” Taska’s most recent accomplishment is his release with soulful singer Ayelle titled “Dead Inside,” and just days ago he released the song’s official music video. Lucky for us, we were provided with the opportunity to speak with Taska Black and learn more about the inspiration behind his music and the video in addition to some sneak peaks of what 2018 will look like for him. Watch the video and check out the interview below!

TMN: Rumor has it you’ve got some huge announcements coming up. Can you give us any hints as to what those will be?

TB: No one thing in particular but I’ve got lots of exciting things happening indeed. Exciting collaborations with bitbird artists and others outside as well. And I might also be working on what I hope is my debut EP…

TMN: How did you get into production? Did you have any classical training prior?

I started taking lessons in violin and piano when I was 4 years old. I never liked playing songs from sheet music exactly how they were supposed to be played so I started improvising my own melodies. When I was about 13 years old I got my first audio interface and Cubase to start recording my improvisations and that’s how I got into production. After years of experimentation I thought it was time to take things to the next level so that’s when I started Taska Black.

TMN: It’s huge to be approached by a creative mind such as San Holo’s. What was your initial reaction when he asked you to sign to his imprint bitbird?

TB: Actually it was me sending a mail to them 3 years ago to show them what I was doing. I loved what bitbird was putting out and San seemed to like what I was doing too. We started talking and that lead into more releases on bitbird. Both San and bitbird have grown a lot over these years and I’m super grateful to be part of the family and to have such amazing people around me.

TMN: What do you love most about the bitbird label?

TB: I think we’re doing something unique in the industry. bitbird really feels like a small family of people with their own vision and their own sound. That’s what San does best I think, supporting people who have their own vision whether it’s in classical music or EDM.

TMN: What can we expect for 2018? Do you have any cool collaborations coming up that you can tell us about?

Lots of new music. Some remixes and new original singles. I’m currently working on some exciting collaborations but unfortunately I can’t reveal any of that yet. I’m also super stoked to be playing my first shows in the US this year. Really looking forward to Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza Paris as well.

TMN: Congratulations on the release of your new music video for your single with Ayelle, “Dead Inside!” Can you tell us a bit about the plot or what inspired the creative direction of it?

TB: Thank you! I really saw this track as a chance to show my experimental side of music to the listeners. I had this vague line in my head “I’m dead inside” so I started building off that thought. When I finished the song with Ayelle we started talking to the director of the music video, Joris Weerts. We shared some ideas on how we wanted to approach the video and give more meaning to the song. I think the track really came to life when we combined both the musical and the visual aspect. The video shows how people are not easily impressed anymore in this saturated era of media and the internet. We wanted to make these feelings of depression heard in order to accept and deal with them, rather than to criticize.

TMN: How would you describe a Taska Black show? Are there any features of it that you feel are signature to “Taska Black,” such as visuals or live elements?

TB: We’re currently shaping the show both musically and visually and I’ve had the chance to test things out on the shows I did with San. I always like to play lots of unreleased music and edits of songs that I’m into. I’ll be doing DJ sets only for a while now but in the long run I really want to incorporate live elements in the show so we’re putting a lot of thought into that as well.

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[Electronic] Autolaser – Naikira


“Naikira” by Autolaser has just come through the bitbird pipeline straight to the internet. This atmospheric gem is just what you need to kick off the week right. Let it whisk you away from the worries of the week that has just begun.

Autolaser put together quite an iconic record with this single. It’s not hard to imagine this one being played in a blockbuster film as it has an immensely powerful and memorable sound. “Naikira” is currently available on digital platforms for those of you who would like to get a copy or add it to your playlist! However, it will also be included on bitbird’s Gouldian Finch 02 compilation that is coming out on October 5th.

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[Electronic] San Holo – I Still See Your Face

San Holo
I Still See Your Face (Official Music Video in Description)

San Holo is making his return to The Music Ninja with yet another stunning masterpiece, “I Still See Your Face.” The new release is undoubtedly following the path towards the same massive success seen with his previous originals like “Light” and “The Future.” But this time, the bitbird head honcho throws quite a large curveball at listeners. Known for enlisting vocalists that perfectly complement each track he’s put out thus far, “I Still See Your Face” showcases Holo’s vox for the very first time and boy, we are definitely not disappointed.

The song stays true to the Dutch producer’s signature brand of sound as it features a buoyant, enrapturing melody constructed by youthful synths and chimes. “I Still See Your Face” will be the first single on the second Gouldian Finch compilation album. Also make sure to peep the official music video here.

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[Future] Droeloe – A Moment In Time EP

Dutch duo Droeloe is back with a new one (or a few shall we say), and boy do they hit hard. The guys are coming in hot and heavy with their new EP A Moment In Time out now for streaming and purchase on San Holo’s label imprint, bitbird. The 5-track EP showcases every single beautiful quality of Droeloe’s production. From intricately sculpted synths, to engulfing melodies, each song leaves just the same lasting euphoric feeling. So, put on your favorite headphones and crank up your loudest speakers and let yourself get reeled into A Moment In Time.

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[Electronic] ILIVEHERE. – Won’t Let Go ft. Kalulu

Won't Let Go ft. Kalulu

Bitbird is one of the go-to places for beautiful electronic music. Take one of their latest releases as evidence of that. “Won’t Let Go” from ILIVEHERE. and Kalulu is a masterful original with subtle hints of future bass embedded in the production.

This single is an angelic electronic tune whose downtempo pace almost makes it feel as though time is passing by in slow motion. It takes hold of you quickly with the very first piano tones connecting to your core and then the vocal comes in to sweep you away. Every piece of this song is more than good, ILIVEHERE. and Kalulu really put something special together here. You’ll want to grab a copy of it from digital stores like we did after having a listen.

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[Electronic] Taska Black – Where We Go

Taska Black
Where We Go

“Where We Go” by Taska Black is one of Bitbird‘s most moving releases. That is saying a lot given the label’s highly creative output. The imprint has someone extremely talented on their hands and we don’t see them letting go anytime soon.

Taska Black only has a handful of tracks on his Soundcloud, including a remix for San Holo that Bitbird also put out. Taska Black’s sound isn’t something that can exactly be pinned down and described using genre termonology, which gives it a fresh edge that most producers don’t have. “Where We Go” shows masterful skill when it comes to melody. It’s catchy, but not in the overly refined pop sense. Rather, it’s just an awesome song. Get your copy of it today.

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[Indie] Analogue Dear – Alabaster Hands ft. Janna Lagerström

Analogue Dear
Alabaster Hands ft. Janna Lagerström

“Alabaster Dear” may be the most beautiful, quaint song we’ve heard in 2017. Analogue Dear’s collaboration with Janna Lagerström is nothing short of a masterpiece. Within the first thirty seconds, the song pulls at your heart and sets in motion the running tears.

Subtle, moving and blissful, “Alabaster Hands” is a song you truly lose yourself in. Hours could pass as you play this on repeat without a worry in the world. Analogue Dear’s composition is outstanding and Janna’s wordless performance speaks volumes more than most lyrics could. The song is currently available as a free download and will come out with Analogue Dear’s EP, Stories We Tell Ourselves.

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