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[Electronic] Elliphant – Never Been In Love (Bixel Edition)

Never Been In Love (Bixel Edition)

The #FREELIFE pioneers are on a tear with their latest releases, and their recent switch up in sound cranks up the energy big time with an edit of Elliphant‘s “Never Been In Love.” The Bixel Boys take a break from their typical house groove for a rock infused, trap influenced tune that could probably incite a riot at just about any moment. The bone crushing bass is balanced out by Elliphant’s powerful vocal maintained throughout, and the track melds together into the Boys’ most unique release to date. They went out on a limb to try out something new, and, even though we’re big fans of their work so far, we certainly hope to hear more deviations from their norm in the near future!

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[Dance] Le Youth – R E A L (Bixel Boys Remix)

Le Youth
R E A L (Bixel Boys Remix)

LA’s finest Bixel Boys are no strangers to experimenting with new sounds suitable to their tracks. Remixing Le Youth‘s “Real”, the producer duo spices up an already epic tune by giving it the disco treatment. The track has a rather mellow buildup mixed together with piano cadences, showcasing the softer side of their caliber. The beat drop is what defines the track, consisting of a hardhitting bass that’s incorporated into a series of bold synth. All of these things give the track a disco vibe that resembles the sound of Anna Lunoe, and you just could not help but dance your pants off.

Bixel Boys are definitely coming up as the frontrunner of this new wave of dance music. The power of #FREELIFE is as real as it gets. Stay tuned for more dope material coming your way!

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Bixel Boys use FREELIFE to help raise money for Camp Kasem

We do our damn hardest to only bring you guys the best music we can find and stray away from the news you may find on other sites, however when it comes to helping a great cause get off the ground, we’re more than willing to help!

When you think of the hot fashion buys of 2014, your mind probably drifts to thoughts of the newest Supreme line or a new roster of dresses by a European designer like Fendi or YSL. However, this is not the case in the music industry. Producers, fans, and executives alike from all across the industry, especially in the electronic music sphere, have been fiending to get there hands on one of these:
The Jersey


The Bixel Boys, one of the Los Angeles music scene’s crown jewels, are both genius on and off the stage. While the duo is well-known around the world for their incredible production skills and DJ showmanship, they have gained almost a cult following in the Southland for their branding of these #FREELIFE jerseys. The FREELIFE mantra is something you define in your own words and your own lifestyle, however we at TMN take it as a call to live your life to the best of your abilities, despite the odds and obstacles, and find happiness in the company of others and yourself. It truly is a wonderful call to action, which is why so many producers in the spotlight like Skrillex and Cashmere Cat have been wearing the kits and spreading the message wherever they can.

Cashmere CatThe shirts have been held under limited release until now. On October 7th, these jerseys will be available for public purchase one time only. All proceeds will go towards Camp Kesem, a non-profit organization that provides a free summer camp for children whose parents have been affected by cancer. Let me repeat that: not only do you get to buy this incredible jersey, but you are literally changing lives while you do it. Everyone you know has in some way been affected by this terrible disease and I don’t think there is a singe living soul on Earth that wouldn’t want to see cancer eradicated as fast as possible. There are no gimmicks here, no ulterior motives: just a genuine movement reaching out to those who need it most.

You can opt-in to the campaign now on Thunderclap to help spread the word about this incredible opportunity to change lives and you will be one of the first notified of the public release when it launches two weeks from today. Be a part of history and make a difference for the children today!

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[House] Golden Features – Tell Me Ft. Nicole Millar (Bixel Boys Remix)

Golden Features
Tell Me Ft. Nicole Millar (Bixel Boys Remix)

After coming off hot from a sensational performances at EDC Las Vegas, HARD Summer, and most recently, Splash House, the Bixel Boys seem to be an unstoppable force in todays dance music world. The dynamic duo are starting to take the underground house music and bring it out onto the surface for all of us to groove to. “From their more tropical “Love Like This” to the heavier club riser “Black December”, the duo’s production diversity and unique voice stand far above the rest in their class.”

Today we are pleased to present you ninjas with the Bixel Boys’ latest remix of Golden Features’, “Tell Me” which features the lovely vocals from Nicole Millar. From beginning to end, this remix makes you want to hop into a time machine and go back to your favorite festival moments where we did not have a single care in the world. The Bixel Boys stepped their production game up with this project and transformed the original poolside tune into a festival anthem set to tear apart every mainstage for the rest of the year. Without straying too far from the original melody or aggressive vibe, the boys added their signature percussion, some industrial samples, and a well-balanced vocal from Nicole Millar to cohesively bring this song to an entirely new level. Only 4 more days until Friday, so might as well let Bixel Boys help ease you through the rest of your week with a bitchin’ remix to get you on your feet.

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[Deep-House] Kiesza – Hideaway (Bixel Boys Remix)

Hideaway (Bixel Boys Remix)

L.A.’s Bixel Boys have been a group with whom we’ve witnessed basically a complete musical evolution; from their humble beginnings churning out a solid slate of groovy-deep remixes to their move into the self-appointed world of ‘Big Room Underground’ to legions of new fans. While we’ve certainly enjoyed seeing the duo hone in on their current EDM energy meets sleek indie-dance and deep-house production structures, their latest remix of Kiesza’s “Hideaway” was exactly what this writer has been wanting from the pair since having the pleasure to see them live a little over a year ago. The Bixel Boys’ remix leans much closer to pure house this time around, behind a classic piano sample that could’ve been pulled off of a Marshall Jefferson late 80’s track, and a wonderfully rhythmic, deep bass line. Not to mention, Kiesza’s vocals fit the house game like a sequined glove, weaving their way onto the tune with such an airy and soulful refrain on which the dance genre was built upon that one could easily be persuaded into thinking her incantations were written explicitly for this arrangement. We’ve been grooving this one out all morning, so you might be doing the same after giving this one a rinse. “Hideaway” is available for purchase via Lokal Legend, but if staying here a while and streaming above is your thing, we are totally cool with that.

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[House] Bixel Boys – Black December EP

’Bixel Boys – Black December’
’Bixel Boys – Red October’

L.A.’s Bixel Boys blaze their own path when it comes to dance music production, fusing the energy of big-room EDM with sleek, deep-house and indie dance execution. After a solid string of remixes within the last year, taking on the likes of Michael Jackson, Drake, Seal and Robin Thicke, along with a few solid originals; Ian and Rob have put the final touches on a debut EP, Black December, on Sweat It Out Music and it has certainly been stamped with our seal of approval. The extended play’s titular track “Black December” starts things off with a bang utilizing a shuffling rhythm paired with a couple of gigantic build-ups, all executed with a clear underground sensibility while the aptly named “Red October” has a much more tech feel with some industrial sounding synths and even more raucous drops. Black December will no doubt appeal to listeners from all ends of the electronic spectrum, signalling Bixel Boys’ place as a definite act to watch for  as Summer eschews itself out the door. Stream the Black December EP above.

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