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[House] black a.m. – 70W (Vaded)

In an ever-evolving world of electronic music, artists continuously look for innovative sounds that will break the mold. At the forefront of this movement is black a.m., an artist whose name echoes in the realm of house music with a fervor that demands attention.

Sinclair Wheeler, known to fans as black a.m., is not just another name in the mix. He adds a rock-infused twist to house, carving a niche for himself that blends traditional house elements with avant-garde intricacies. Since his debut in 2019, Wheeler’s been steadily on the rise, catching the eyes and ears of industry behemoths such as John Summit, NGHTMRE, JOYRYDE, Slander, and DJ Craze. Beyond the applause, tangible successes include the official release of his remix of NGHTMRE and Gunna’s “Cash Cow” by Ultra Music and accumulating over 600,000 streams across various platforms. His creation, iamrecords, is a testament to his distinct musical vision.

The strength of Wheeler’s presence isn’t limited to studios alone. His musical skill has been displayed on stages like the Insomniac’s Park N Rave series. And as MGK’s guitarist and a significant contributor to NGHTMRE’s “The Portal Tour”, his instrumentalist skills have been recognized on multiple platforms.

However, at the epicenter of black a.m.’s musical journey is his recent release, “70W (Vaded)”. This track stands out and showcases the mindset that this talent is currently in. This adrenaline-packed number seamlessly integrates powerful percussion and bass, painting a canvas of musical innovation. As the screeching elements echo, they emphasize black a.m.’s singular position in a vast musical realm. Don’t sleep on this guy and check out the single below.

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