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[Drum & Bass] Gridlok – Z3R0 H0U2

It’s not often that we post drum & bass, but when we do it is something special. Today we have that something special for you and it comes to us from Amsterdam’s Gridlok. The Z3R0 H0U2 album has been released through Blackout Music, complete with thirteen songs, including a collaboration with Black Sun Empire.

Through and through, this LP is gold. When we first came to this project, we weren’t sure if we were ready for thirteen straight drum & bass records, but Gridlok made sure to keep our attention the entire time through with engaging records and a range of sounds to shift the vibe and pace of the EP nicely. It is well done on his part and not easy to keep the majority of listeners involved in a project like this one if they’re not already used to the fast-paced percussion and mind-blowing basslines. Get ready to throw your money at Gridlok for this one, because Z3R0 H0U2 is one hell of a collection.

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