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[Deep House] New Mystics – Sparrows (Bobby Nourmand Remix)

New Mystics
Sparrows (Bobby Nourmand Remix) (Radio Mix) [DITN]

Bobby Nourmand has been unveiling original after original for a while, but today we’ve got an official remix of his to share. “Sparrows” by New Mystics got a musical makeover by Bobby, who dropped this flip on his label, Deep In The Night.

Bobby’s own dark brand of deep house is evident throughout all his tracks, including this one, however he shifts things into a different gear. In keeping with his deep aesthetic Bobby plays off what we expect while also adding in the addition of new soundscapes. It makes for not only a great remix, but a fantastic piece of evidence as to just what Bobby can do. He’s got more tricks up his sleeve so stay tuned for more!

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[Deep House] Bobby Nourmand – The Sun (feat. Adam Engle)

The Sun (feat. Adam Engle) (Radio Mix) [DITN]

Bobby Nourmand is already back with another single on his label, Deep In The Night. Following up from the release of his imprint’s initial release, the Subterranean EP, “The Sun” is the perfect embodiment of his label’s vision. Go deep into the night enough and it becomes the day.

“The Sun” features vocalist Adam Engle of the UK duo Blonde who takes the song to dreamy heights with his mystifying performance. Bobby keeps things pushing forward with his haunting production, one that builds beautiful tension while simultaneously makes you dance. It’s certainly a track to keep you going all night long. “The Sun” is out now on all digital formats for those looking for a copy!

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[Deep House] Bobby Nourmand – SUBTERRANEAN EP

Bobby Nourmand returns with his debut EP on his label, Deep In The Night. His two track project SUBTERRANEAN is a profound dive into the depths of house music and an expansion of Bobby’s iconic style that he’s displayed over the years.

The EP starts off with the title track “Subterranean.” It’s bustling basslines and surreal vocals lend it to being a shadowy hit that seduces you into its desirable grips. “Subterranean” may be our favorite track from Bobby yet. However, that doesn’t take away from “Estranged” that comes next. This jam is a bit more lively, with a quickened pace to get the groove going strong. Together these tracks make for an unforgettable EP that is a must have in your digital library.

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[Deep House] Bobby Nourmand – Prisoner feat. Laurent John

PRISONER (feat. Laurent John)

Bobby Nourmand is back with another hit. That’s really all that needs to be said to get you excited for what you’re about to hear. His song “Prisoner” featuring Laurent John may be his best song yet.

The cool nature that Bobby embodies breathes through his music – a smooth, driven confidence that is attractive in every way. Every time we hear something he’s able to captivate with this signature style. He’s continued to build and strengthen his abilities and today the culmination of his work has landed us “Prisoner.” Laurent John’s soulful performance is tremendous and Bobby’s instrumental is equally as mighty. Together they made “Prisoner” one of the best house tracks of 2018 so far.

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Bobby Nourmand – Mind (The Remixes)

Back in early July Bobby Nourmand released his original single “Mind” featuring DOC & Goodmorning through Potion. Today an extension of the project has come our way to share. Mind (The Remixes) is here in full with three bustling cuts.

As you would guess coming from the Potion team, this remix EP is all house. The great thing about this project is that each remix has its own sound, delivering different nuances to Bobby’s record. Parx gets super techy with the first take, while Tom & Collins is more of a peak time hit. Lastly, Limits comes through with the most unique and deep take on the song. All together these flips make for a strong EP that does Bobby’s “Mind” justice. If you haven’t heard the original, we’ve included it too!

’Bobby Nourmand : “MIND” (feat. DOC & Goodmorning) (Extended Mix)’
’Bobby Nourmand : “MIND” feat. DOC & Goodmorning (Parx Remix)’
’Bobby Nourmand : “MIND” feat. DOC & Goodmorning (Tom & Collins Remix)’
’Bobby Nourmand : “MIND” feat. DOC & Goodmorning (Limits Remix)’
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[Deep House] Bobby Nourmand – MIND (feat. DOC & Goodmorning)

Bobby Nourmand : "MIND" (feat. DOC & Goodmorning) (Extended Mix)

It’s a good week anytime Bobby Nourmand steps out with a release. Luckily, that happened this week. Potion released this collaborative jam yesterday. Bobby couldn’t resist throwing some hip-hop/R&B vibes into the mix thanks to DOC and Goodmorning.

“MIND” is as smooth as can be. Bobby’s laid-back attitude breathes through the clubby composition. It has some energy behind it, pushing forward through the inescapable grooves. Minimalism is somewhat of a motif in Bobby’s catalog and he’s one of the producers who hits the bullseye every time. At no point do things get dull, Bobby always keeps the party going with his infectious music. If you’d like a copy, which you will, you can get it through digital stores today.

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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 77: Farewells, Premiers & Nü Nü

Music Ninja Radio
Episode #77: Farewells, Premieres & Nü Nü

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm from 4-6PM PST every Friday.

 Soundcloud || Spotify || Tracklist

After a month out of the studio, we had a ton going on during this week’s episode of TMN Radio. Co-host Dom is embarking on a new life journey and will be moving to London next week so we bid him farewell for now–opening and closing the show with London-inspired tracks. We also had special guest Still Woozy to premiere his incredible first solo single and share some of his wide-ranging inspiration.

Of course, there was plenty of new music to share as well featuring Tyler Hawkins, Bobby Nourmand, Odesza, Yaeji, Mac DeMarco, Kendrick Lamar & more!

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