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[Electronic] Bon Iver – Over Soon (Super Duper Remix)

Bon Iver
Over Soon (Super Duper Remix)

Whenever a highly anticipated album drops, you can always expect a slew of unofficial edits and remixes to begin showing up within the first week or so of the release. What you don’t always expect, however, is that many of these will actually be quality releases instead of simply a chance to capitalize on SEO. Super Duper is here to put any and all notion of that mess to bed with an absolutely stunning edit of 22, A Million‘s first track, “22 (OVER S∞∞N)”.

This remix may seem on the shorter side (clocking in at a concise 2:28), but it’s calculated build to final minute sets the stage for an incredible resolution and rendition of an incredible song. Having the foresight to instantaneously create such a stark production speaks to the capability and innovation of Super Duper, and, luckily for us, he’s got plenty of new music on the way. What’s wild is this edit was JUST FOR FUN. However you choose to approach unofficial remixes, always know that there will be diamonds in the rough, and Super Duper is certainly proving that notion right while doing the original justice with a powerful and striking interpretation. Be sure to check out Super Duper’s recent original, “Angela“, also!

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[Electronic] Bon Iver – Heavenly Father (Modus Coco Remix)

Bon Iver
Heavenly Father (Modus Coco Remix)

Everyone and their mother has remixed Bon Iver to the point where it’s almost unappealing. We can give you ten “Skinny Love” remixes off the top of our heads as we write this. Justin Vernon’s genius is well recognized throughout the world, especially in the music community, so it is very rare to find a tribute that stands out from the rest of the pack. However, Modus Coco continues his sensational debut as a solo artist as he puts his gorgeously enchanting spin on “Heavenly Father”, Vernon’s latest and greatest single. Coco, formerly of Shapes of Light fame, has given us a couple originals and a Sufjan Stevens remix, however this might be his best work yet. He breathes new life into the composition with new melodies and distorting Vernon’s voice to an almost ethereal level. We are absolutely in love with this piece and we hope you are as well!

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New: Kanye West – Lost In The World f/ Bon Iver (Tiësto Remix)

Kanye West and Tiesto, two juggernauts in their respective genres, can now be experienced together in one single track. An unlikely union, the remix of ‘Lost In The World’ had been circling around the web ever since Tiesto dropped it on his Miami Ultra 2011 set. After waiting for clearance Tiesto recently put it up on his podcast for our listening pleasure. Expecting something more mellow and house, Tiesto gives us a fast paced attitude filled rendition of the track that is actually much satisfying and original than some of his previous remixes to date.

Here is a radio rip:

’Kanye West – Lost In The World f/ Bon Iver (Tiësto Remix)’
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[New] Sailor & I- Tough Love

Stockholm band Sailor & I have carved a niche for themselves with their thematic indie music. Their first release, John Franklin, paid homage to the late, great, explorer through song while simultaneously putting the band on the map. For their third release, the band has teamed up with Swedish producer Alexander Sjödin, and really let him take the reigns from song writing to production. The Tough Love EP, set for release toward the end of March 2012,  is supposed to be as much a musical journey for the listener as it is for the band- who employed a new range of instruments, including a string quartet, to further mature their sound.

The title track from the EP “Tough Love” is a mesh of emotions that swim laps around the idea that love is tough and hard to hold onto. The music kind of sounds like what you would get if you put Noah And The Whale, Bon Iver, and Aztec Camera in a blender and digitally mixed what came out. The song really takes off at about the one minute mark, with the introduction of the first chorus, and musically shines through the murky waters of the angst driven lyrics until coming to full fruition in the bridge.

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Chuck Tv soundtrack: Chuck versus the Colonel – Music

I was not planning on releasing too many soundtracks on themusicninja, but it looks like a lot of people enjoy reading/listening to the soundtrack of tv shows and there is a lot of positive feedback for me to continue, with that said here is the chuck tv soundtrack music for “CHUCK VERSUS THE COLONEL” on 04/20

Creature Fear – Bon Iver

”Creature Fear”

Buy on Amazon

“The Answering Machine” – Malbec

”The Answering Machine”

Download Their Music From Their Webiste

Let me know what other music/songs from chuck that you enjoyed this season.


UPDATE: Check out the soundtrack for the season finale of Chuck vs The Ring Here

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