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[Electro House] Chomstars – The One Who Knocks [TMN Premiere]

The One Who Knocks [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The Chomstars trio dished out something special for house heads that are also fans of the show Breaking Bad. Their newest track, “The One Who Knocks,” takes audio from the esteemed television series and makes use of it within the bridges, and of course as the drop. As you can see above, it inspired the artwork too. With their fiery electro house production, Chomstars show why they are an act to keep your eye on, especially within the Los Angeles area, where there’s so much good music to be heard. As the song develops, things start to get more vibey, with the aggressive energy being toned down in order for the strong melodic synth line to come through and get the listener jiving to the more smooth style. Chomstars are releasing this original single for free, which you can download here.

There are few television shows that breed lasting emotional impact, but Breaking Bad really played out more like a well conceived film. Walter White is such a complex character by himself, and we wanted to honor him by capturing his intensity and emotional confusion with this track.
– Jordan Clark Hewitt of Chomstars

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