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[Dubstep] Chime x Rob Gasser x Brig – What The Funk

Chime x Rob Gasser x Brig
What The Funk

Daily Earfood has come in clutch with the free download of a huge new single from Chime, Rob Gasser and Brig. It doesn’t get much bigger than “What The Funk.” The three amigos have been putting out some dope records individually in the past for some time, but after coming together we are blown away even more than usual.

“What The Funk” is what a lot of dubstep producers want their tracks to be. Fresh, exuberant and clean, this single is one of the best dubstep songs to come out this year and we’ll even go out on a limb to say it will still be at the top of the list at the end of 2017. From start to finish you are fully engaged in the madness that these three producers created with their vast array of sounds. Super solid song, free download; it doesn’t get more awesome than that.

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[Multi-Genre] Michael White – Never Look Back EP

You might recognize MA Music from their blog or Youtube channel, but they’re a kick ass label too. This week, they dropped an EP from a fellow kick ass human being, Michael White. Spain’s musical treasure dropped his Never Look Back project, complete with four singles; all currently available on iTunes.

Each song is a collaboration, with the list including Lonemoon, Brig, TWOFACE! and STEREOLIEZ. The EP is split in half, with one sharing an electro house sound and the other aligning with trap. With that said, these songs shouldn’t be put into any boxes, as they’re not as straightforward as we make them sound. In fact, once you listen through, you’ll see just how easily Michael changes sounds, even within a single song. Each one is amazing, but we think the standout record on this one is “Freeze!” because it’s just too fun.

’Michael White – Struggle (ft. Lonemoon)’
’Brig & Michael White – Freeze!’
’Michael White & TWOFACE! – Twerk It Out’
’Michael White & STEREOLIEZ – Next Level’
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[Multi-Genre] Most Addictive Drops Reboot Compilation

Most Addictive kills it in every aspect, whether it’s their label, blog or Youtube channel. We could go into why, but instead we’re going to focus on their most recent endeavor, the Reboot compilation.

Bassheads gather ’round, as MA collected six singles from some of the most solid up and coming producers in the game. Brig starts things off with one of the best songs of the project with “Flat,” which is anything but. Chime comes in hot with “Tundra” a video-game influenced dub record that is an absolute smash. “Amazon” by Guillotine comes in with a more modern dubstep original that keeps up the compilations energy, and heavy low frequencies.

Prismatic kicks us into a different direction with his hybrid tune “Ambush” whose name fits its attitude. Rob Gasser keeps us on our toes with his light-hearted drum & bass tune “Adrenaline.” The last song, “Departure,” is the only collaboration on Reboot, coming from Zetta and Wavemode. They bring the sound back to the contemporary area of dub that has been making a huge comeback in the last several months. Reboot is currently available on iTunes for purchase. It is well worth the money. Don’t just stream it, buy it!

’Brig – Flat’
’Chime – Tundra’
’Guillotine – Amazon’
’Prismatic – Ambush’
’Rob Gasser – Adrenaline’
’Zetta & Wavemode – Departure’
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[Multi-Genre] Brig – Summer Melancholy EP

Russia’s favorite pirate, Brig, has made his return to Daily Earfood with his newest EP, Summer Melancholy. Two months ago, Brig had a few single releases come out, but now his full blown EP is here to shake the end of Summer up.

Now that Summer is coming to a close, this is the perfect time for a project by the name of Summer Melancholy. Despite the second half of its name, the EP boasts a tone that is more in line with the current season. Lighthearted synths blaze a trail through four singles that have Brig pushing a more future bass and 8bit style than his usual heavy sound. With the opening song, we’re instantly met with devouring piano chords then quickly move into a bass-driven single that certainly lives up to the fact that it is the title track. “Extreme” comes next with a burst of energy that makes it one of the best tunes off the project. Both “Kingdom” and “Wake Up” are grand creations, but we feel that the first half of the EP is a tad bit stronger than the second half. All four great singles, so don’t be skipping any. Check them out below and if you would like to grab the EP, you can do so for free!

’Brig – Summer Melancholy’
’Brig – Extreme’
’Brig – Kingdom’
’Brig – Wake Up’
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[Multi-Genre] Brig – Vanilla Sky EP

Music like what we have for you here is what originally got me into this music industry. Since then there has been a massive branching out, but there will always be a special place for crazy, in your face tracks like what can be found on Brig‘s Vanilla Sky EP. The thing I love about Brig is he takes his sound up and down the tempo scale to give listeners a different pace to dance to, but he always brings a ton of energy. He delivers two 128 tracks, including the title single which may just break your speaker system. Lovers of dubstep will absolutely love the paired “Bottle Of Rum” tracks that bring in a little cut time action to an otherwise fast-paced collection of records. For me, because I love the 108-112 range so much, the closing single “Megalomania” is my favorite. I thought the other tracks were hardcore, but this one is pure savagery. If Vanilla Sky is up your alley, make sure to head over to iTunes to get a copy.

’Brig – Vanilla Sky’
’Brig – Bottle Of Rum (VIP Mix)’
’Brig – Intergalactic Pirate’
’Brig – Bottle Of Rum (Original Mix)’
’Brig – Megalomania’
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[Moombahcore] Brig – Bad


Moombahton and an ungodly amount of bass together? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. One new example of the sound comes to us from the Russian pirate producer Brig. “Bad” is his latest single, which comes as a free download from Daily Earfood. Brig fires off a ton of calculated sounds in a complex arrangement that flow together seamlessly. Get your drunken swashbuckling on by raging your face off to this masterful midtempo monster. If you think your mixtape is fire, this single is a hundred times more flaming. Brig goes all out with the result being one insanely “Bad” record. There’s no need to turn up the bass, as this is already stocked full, but do turn up the volume for max effect.

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