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[Tech House] Matroda – Britney

Matroda, a powerhouse in the tech house world and dance music in general, teams up with Dances, a solo vocal talent known for hits like “Operator” and “Bang.” Dances, with his smooth vocals and knack for catchy hooks, joins forces with Matroda, blending old-school charm and modern flair. This collaboration is the perfect fusion, creating something truly awesome.

Their joint effort brings us “Britney,” a tech-house gem that’s taken the scene by storm. Premiering on the EDC Las Vegas mainstage, “Britney” is a unique blend of dark, gritty tech-house vibes and hypnotic production. Dances’ verses add a sophisticated touch, seamlessly riding the beat with a catchy topline.

The track features exotic drum work and a natural build-up that masks the intensity of the impending drop. The hook, “Got me dancing, like I’m Britney,” sets the stage, and then the drop hits, amplifying the energy to electrifying levels. The smooth conclusion leaves listeners craving more.

“Britney” has received major support from industry giants like MK, Diplo, Wade, Hugel, Eli Brown, Gordo, Deeper Purpose, Tchami, and Max Styler. Its playful lyrics, irresistible bassline, and infectious groove make it a standout mainstage favorite this summer.

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