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[Pop/Electronic] Surprise Party! – Suprise Party! EP

We had no idea that Suprise Party! was launching, which makes sense given their name, but we’re glad they did. The duo is made up by our friend Brooks Brown whose own solo project has been making waves, as well as vocalist J Ingram.

Together they created their self-titled EP, complete with six songs that fuse electronic and pop together. Both artists’ strong suits are shown in full with this project that could see them making waves in the crossover communities. These youngsters could make some waves this year if they keep up the good work. Who knows when the next project is coming; it will likely come without warning. Stay tuned!

’I Know U Know’
’No More’
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[Future Bass] Brooks Brown – trip (ft. Madi)

brooks brown
trip (ft. madi)

The future of music is in the younger creators. Two musicians who are going to play large roles in the future are Brooks Brown and Madi who have teamed up again for another amazing record. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Madi this past weekend, and I can assure you she has a boat load of stuff coming. The same can be said for Brooks, but for now let’s focus on what they just brought to us: “trip.” The duet single is just magnificent, and the production value on this original is better than some veteran producers, and these kids can’t even go buy alcohol yet. Future bass has been the go to for a lot of producers, but Brooks has been serving the genre like no other. He’s really taken to the sounds, and forged his own sound within the sub-genre. Brooks and Madi really take you on a journey with this one, which is probably where they came up with the name. Without further adieu, take a “trip.”

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[Future] Halsey – New Americana (Brooks Brown Remix)

New Americana (Brooks Brown Remix)

Brooks Brown is one of the hottest up and coming producers in the game. If you don’t know him already, then you will in a moment. Not only will you know him, but you will love him, for his work sounds like it is coming from a veteran in the scene. Recently, the youngster did a remix of “New Americana” by Halsey that is to die for. He never manages to disappoint, whether it’s with originals or remixes; he always exceeds expectation time and time again. With this remix he stays with his future sound that he continues to hone. It’s a powerfully emotional record that is short and sweet as can be. Only thing is, there is no download for it, so you’re gonna have to stream it a billion times, which won’t be a problem.

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[Future] Brooks Brown – Sidetracked (feat. Madi Walsh)

brooks brown
Sidetracked (ft. Madi Walsh)

I know when I was in high school, I wasn’t making moves like Brooks Brown is currently doing, and has been. In anticipation for his upcoming EP, Sidetracked, the Kansas producer has published the lead single behind the project. Aptly coined “Sidetracked,” this future original is a masterful production that brings with it a stunning vocal performance by artist Madi Walsh.

There are a ton of producers trying to make records this good, but most of them don’t even come close to creating a work of wonder like we have with “Sidetracked.” May 12th is the set release day for the entire project, so stay tuned as the EP gets unraveled. You won’t want to miss what Brooks has to offer, and if you’ve missed his previous work, then run through his Soundcloud. Thank us later for it.

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