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[Indie] Magnus Bechmann – Bruises

Magnus Bechmann

Magnus Bechmann doesn’t really abide by one style. His eclectic sonic mixtures have caught the ears of people around the world and has been hailed by several top media sources as one of the best up and coming acts around. We’d like to throw our hat in the mix and back these statements. Just take his new single “Bruises” as an example of how talented Magnus is.

“Bruises” is a lively, indie/pop blend that goes way beyond even those two genres. It’s an incredibly fun song that is not only a great listen, but also is motivating if you listen to the lyrics and know how it came about. We’ll let Magnus take it away from here. So click play, grab a copy of the single and see just how this one came to fruition.

It is a track about decisions, and the point where you have to decide to go “all in” or “slow down and think about it”. Kinda like the yellow light in a traffic light: either you pedal to the metal, or slow down and wait for the next green. In my case, I thought it was best to speed up, and hope that the speeding ticket won’t be too big.

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