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[Hip-Hop] Busdriver – Firehydrant (ft. Das Racist)

LA underground favorite, Busdriver, is best known for his unique style and absurdly fast and intelligent raps. On his most recent track, he teams up with Das Racist to create a strangely captivating display of quick-witted, unconventional lyricism. The production on “Firehydrant” toes the line between postmodern and obnoxious combining a plethora of unlikely sounds. However, the weirdness of all three emcees manages to emerge triumphant and, upon a few repeats, you will more than likely find the instrumental growing on you. Make sure to listen closely, as you’ll find a surprising amount of valuable content between the lines. Stream and download this original track below and look out for Busdriver’s upcoming Free EP, Arguments With Dreams, out next month.

’Busdriver – Firehydrant (ft. Das Racist)’

[via Pitchfork]

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