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[Dubstep] Stabby – Blade EP

Oh Stabby, you dirty dirty man. There’s been a lot of great dubstep that has come out this year, but Stabby’s new EP on Buygore, Blade, slices through most everything else with ease and stands above the bloody mess tall and proud. Although he’s been one of the best up and comers, Stabby solidifies himself further in huge way with this EP.

In just three tracks Stabby shows why, without a doubt, he deserves your attention. It’s one of those projects where you really can’t pick a favorite and when you finally do, upon listening through again your change your mind and are left wondering, how can all three of these be so damn good? We don’t know the answer, we can try to talk about what sounds and motifs make up each track, but it’s better if we just let it simmer on your ears. Blade speaks for itself. And it also needs to be added to your library.

’Stabby – First Duel’
’Stabby – Musket’
’Stabby & Chime – Permadeath’
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[Bass] SubDocta – Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key

Happy Monday Ninjas! The weekend has come and gone, but that won’t stop us from supplying music that’ll get you pumped and energized, especially when four more days of work lie ahead. So, to kick off the work week, we’ve got a nice little bass number to share from Buygore signee SubDocta that’ll undoubtedly get your blood flowing. The Arizona native’s latest release, “Skeleton Key,” is a powerful assimilation of vibrating wobbles and divergent rhythms. Dark melodies characterized by metallic synths seamlessly intertwine with ground-shaking basslines, giving way to a delightfully eerie product that we can’t help but find irresistible.

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[Dubstep] Al Ross – Boneless

Al Ross

There is a whole lot going on for team Buygore. They have releases coming all the time and have expanded with the creation of FrshBlood, a sub-imprint focused on names in bass music that need highlighting. One of those names is Al Ross, who dropped his single “Boneless” as a free download through the label to celebrate his signing to their roster.

“Boneless” is a gut-wrenching dubstep track that will leave you shaken to your core. Heavy isn’t even the half of it with this immense single that should come with a warning stamp. Perhaps the fact that FrshBlood released this one is warning enough; this sort of earth-shaking sound is to be expected from their catalog. Speaking of catalog, theirs is set to grow with the coming of their third compilation this October 10th. In honor of the compilation release there will be a FrshBlood showcase party at the Belasco in Los Angeles the following day. Don’t miss out on it, get your tickets today!

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[Trap] Styles&Complete – Run Cities feat. Waka Flocka

Styles&Complete ⛽️⛽️
Run Cities ft. Waka Flocka

If you see Waka Flocka involved in a project, then you know the turn up is real. If you see that Styles&Complete are involved as well, like with “Run Cities” on Buygore, then you have no chance of escaping the madness. All you can do is prepare yourself for a whole lot of raw energy that will blow you away.

“Run Cities” is a ferocious trap tune that is one of our favorite Waka Flocka crossover collaborations yet. The concept of this song is pretty straightforward, those involved in its creation will run your city and after listening through this song once you see why. It takes hold with a certain swagger that only Waka and company can express. With all the Summer singles that are coming out, this is near the top as far as bass music is concerned. Want a copy? It’s out now on digital platforms.

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[Dubstep] Point.Blank – THE MONEY EP

Point.Blank and Buygore are the perfect match. They recently paired up for the release of the Belgian’s EP, THE MONEY, that features five solo originals packed with as much bass as you can handle. Fans previously got a taste of the EP with the first single “DRUG DEALS” that was released prior, but now the whole gang is here.

As you may guess from the all caps project, the music is just as in your face and loud. I mean, it is dubstep and that’s just how it should be. Point.Blank gives us an EP with top quality sound design and a whole lot of swagger, showing off to others just how dope dubstep can be. He brings his own style, one that matches intensity with groove. Get your neck ready, these are all headbanger approved. Check out the previews below and grab a copy of THE MONEY from digital services today.

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[Dubstep] Basstrick – Clown Party

Clown Party

With the coming of the remake of “It” I wasn’t planning on doing anything with clowns anytime soon because that new trailer is a bit freaky (I’ll still see it anyways). That was until “Clown Party” by Basstrick came through the pipeline thanks to the people over at Buygore Records. Now, I’m all about the clownin’.

“Clown Party” has quickly become one of my favorite dubstep tracks of the year. There’s not one thing about it that even slightly should be changed. Dubstep usually isn’t too catchy, but this I just can’t get out of my head. Every bass, the synth lines; everything about it is good. It even dips into some dembow which is a favorite rhythmic poison of mine. Whether you’re a dancing raver or a headbanger, “Clown Party” will suffice for your particular passion. Basstrick has put out some incredible singles in the past, but this one takes the cake. Grab a copy of it today through the digital service of your choice.

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[Trap] JayKode – Roll Out

Roll Out

JayKode is on fire, plain and simple. The same can be said for Buygore Records who recently released the LA producer’s single “Roll Out.” This genre-bending original is our favorite JayKode single yet, which is saying a lot given his impressive catalog.

“Roll Out” has everything I love in a record: bass, piano and dembow. This twerk-centric heater is just what the dance community needs as festival season approaches. JayKode’s sound design ability sticks out to us in this one, but the great thing is he doesn’t rely solely on that to make a good song. His songwriting skills are top notch, which shouldn’t come as a surprise from a creator who fuses bass music with, of all things, classical music. “Roll Out” is currently out now, so get your copy from the digital service of your choice.

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