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Bobby Green – Bye Bye (feat. Midian) [TMN Premiere]

Bobby Green
Bye Bye (feat. Midian)

Hello hello. Welcome to the dojo where we have a premiere for you to end the week with. Wave away the week and say “Bye Bye” with Bobby Green. His single with Midian just came out today through Attack Records. Bobby’s future pop style has satisfied our ears before and he’s done it again with this one.

“Bye Bye” is an upbeat, tropically tinged record that couldn’t be released at a better time in the year. With the warm weather here, we need tracks that are equally as hot and this hits the bulls-eye. Midian’s lively performance will have you singing along by the end of the first listen through and from there you’ll belt out the words with no problem, although not as well as her. Have a first listen to “Bye Bye” in the dojo today and stay tuned for more from Bobby Green.

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