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LO’99 – Cabin Flex [Music Ninja Premiere]

Cabin Flex [Free Download]

Today we’ve got something special for you all the way from Sydney. LO’99 was tapped to be a part of the Night Bass Summer Phases 2017 project with “Cabin Flex” that is premiering here and now in the dojo. Not only are we sharing it with you first, but it’s come out as a free download for you to hop on!

“Cabin Flex” abides by the underground sound that Night Bass pushes. It’s club meets rave – we’re talking classic raves – sound pays homage to the history of house while bringing the sounds to modern times for contemporary dance enthusiasts to enjoy. LO’99 has always had a tasteful quality to his music, which shows greatly with this deep, minimal single. Enjoy the first listen today and don’t forget to grab the download.

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