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[Interview] & [Album Review]: Adam and Darcie "California Trail"

Poetic Version Review:
From the first time you are able to ride the bicycle without any help, to almost falling in love with someone that you just met, sometimes in life things just click and although you may not understand the why or the how, all questions become mute as the moment takes over and puts you in a different place and time. Equally, on a musical scale, this is how I felt when I listened to Adam and Darcie’s latest album “California Trail”. As I was checking my Inbox for new music, I was provided a link to listen to their new single “Hands/Mind”. A very simple task I thought to myself, I opened the link and started playing the song. About twenty minutes in I came to the realization that I was not just listening to one song but the entire album available for streaming on their website. It was purely magical, their album and my ears had just clicked, love at first listen one can say. Before I was able to answer the how or the why, their carefully crafted melodies, delicate to the ear but strong with emotions, had taken me to another place that although unfamiliar to me, had never felt closer to home, I was walking on the California Trail.

Regular Version Review:
I am a little embarrassed to admit that the above is 100% the truth. I enjoyed their album so much; it inspired me in many ways. The best answer is always the simplest one and when you add instrumental melodies, intertwined vocals between wife and husband and the passion to create, you get Adam and Darcie definition to what music means to them. California Trail is a story telling venture about longing for a peaceful, family life and a place to call a home.

california-trailAdam And Darcie – I Need To Let Go Of What I Wont Miss

’Adam And Darcie – I Need To Let Go Of What I Wont Miss.mp3′


Adam And Darcie – The Fox, Hare, And Doe

’Adam And Darcie – The Fox Hare And Doe.mp3′


Free Download: Adam And Darcie – Hands-Mind

’Adam And Darcie – Hands


I got a chance to bounce a couple of questions with Adam and Darcie, and here is what they had to say. Continue reading

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