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[Pop] Lina – Can’t Keep Falling

Can't Keep Falling

Some people might recognize the name Lina for a couple reasons. The first is that she took over the internet with her cover of “Holy War” that was supported by its creator Alicia Keys and the second is she won the Israeli edition of The Voice. Even before Lina’s project got officially off the ground, she was further ahead than most artists.

Lina is making some moves, venturing out into the dance-pop world with her project. She already brought her single “Dance Sucker” and now she’s here with “Can’t Keep Falling” that steps further into the pop world and away from her previous house sound. It just goes to show that she’s not containing herself with one single style, rather she’s giving herself (and her fans) some room to branch out. “Can’t Keep Falling” is one of our favorite vocal performances of the year so far – no wonder she is a championed singer. Keep around Lina’s socials for updates and more tunes as they are definitely coming!

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