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[Trance] Ceréna – Limitless

Toronto’s own Ceréna, following the raving success of her self-produced debut album resurrection and its standout tracks like the JUNO-nominated ‘see’, ‘hearts on fire,’ and ‘gender euphoria’, has returned with single, ‘Limitless.’ This dazzling new release stands as a beacon in the electro-pop universe, drawing from her journey steeped in authenticity, and the unique inspirations she garnered from queer club culture and the pioneering sounds of artists like the late SOPHIE.

From her early days, marking the music industry with her undeniable talent at the tender age of six, Ceréna has shown an undying quest for self-expression. This quest took a turn into the vibrant avenues of the Ballroom scene, laying the foundation for her distinct sonic fingerprint.

‘Limitless,’ produced by Jaymie Silk (French), the flagship single from her imminent EP ‘607’, is more than just a song. With its hypnotic arpeggio synths and EDM backbone, it becomes an experience, a dive into the boundless realm of self-discovery. Ceréna’s voice, draped in velvety tones, paints a dreamlike soundscape that perfectly complements the intoxicating production.

In Ceréna’s own words, “LIMITLESS is a call to embrace the forever changing nature of things, which include our humanity… By accepting the nature of change, we open up to the infinite possibilities that await us.”

With ‘Limitless’, Ceréna has captured something time-testing and inviting all in the same go: to unearth, embrace, and celebrate our true selves, unburdened by labels and free from boundaries. As she evolves, Ceréna’s commitment to authenticity remains unwavering, and the dance-pop scene is all the richer for it.

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