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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 208)

Another Friday, another playlist. We’re ready to dish out twelve amazing singles to you that we have been playing in the dojo this week. As we have every week, we have limited the party playlist to exclusively free downloads so if you’re not the streaming type, you can download all of these and take them with you. If you don’t want to deal with all that, you just bring us to your party, click play, and we’ll take care of the rest. Producers in this week’s edition are Jeremiah Red, Just A Gent, Havok Roth, ak9, Kandy, and more. After running through eleven singles, you’ll be topped off with a little remix by the one and only Herobust. Like stated previously, we got you covered for the weekend. Now, the only thing you have left to do is #danceirresponsibly.

’Just A Gent – Non Compos Mentis’
’Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE – Need You (Champagne Drip Remix)’
’Havok Roth & Bonnie X Clyde – Closer’
’LEViT∆TE & Gangus – TELLEM’
’Clips x Ahoy – Departures’
’Black Tiger Sex Machine & Apashe – Swing High (ak9 Remix)’
’Kandy – Fudge It (Original Mix)’
’Jameston Thieves – Alterspace (Rest)’
’Mind Cntrl & Rule Of Eight – Classic’
’D.R.A.M. – Broccoli ft. Lil Yachty (BUSTED by Herobust)’
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Champagne Drip – Open Your Eyes [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

We’re huge fans of Champagne Drip here at The Music Ninja, and getting the chance to premiere something new from this fun producer is always a treat. We’ve got the visuals for his stellar track, “Open Your Eyes”, and they are CRAZY. Created through Hyperspektiv, this video distorts reality into a clash of colors, noise, and sporadic effects that warp perfectly in time with the music. Champagne Drip’s sound fits right in with this trippy type of video production, giving “Open Your Eyes” the full experience of melding song with sight. Interestingly enough, Justin Boreta, who you may know as a third of The Glitch Mob, is a developer for Hyperspektiv. He exclaims,

The goal with Hyperspektiv is to make digital video art easy and accessible. We wanted to make a powerful tool that professionals would want to use, but it’s also easy enough for someone who isn’t tech savvy to enjoy using it. The idea is to have the app itself get out of the way and to dive straight into real-time creativity.

It’s a wild concept all around, so don’t be surprised if you see it pop up more and more. If you’re really feeling this tune, give the Conrank and Kid Froopy remixes a spin also! Be sure to support Champagne Drip on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out the video below and enjoy!

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Grandtheft – Summer In The Winter (Champagne Drip Remix) [feat. Fantastic Modern] [TMN PREMIERE]

Summer In The Winter (Champagne Drip Remix)[feat. Fantastic Modern]

Mad Decent always knows how to put together a stellar remix EP, and their latest collection of talent stems from Grandtheft and his Quit This City project. The last time we heard from Champagne Drip, we had the chance to discuss cereal and other ridiculous things, so needless to say, we’re excited for the chance to premiere his newest release and massive contribution to this EP.

The remix starts off in typical Champagne Drip fashion, bobbing and weaving with a woozy groove that feels like you’re exploring a neon coral reef until it ratchets up the intensity as Mad Decent releases are ought to do. Pulling together elements of indie electronic, future, and even a slight bit of synthwave, this remix chalks up another win for the always interesting Champagne Drip, who’s signature mix of the aforementioned influences is washed with a sense of wonder throughout. Don’t miss out the free download!

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Champagne Drip Discusses Cereal, Aliens, and New Single [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Champagne Drip

Following his massive Journey Into The Champagne Sea project with Mad Decent, Champagne Drip returns with a crisp and energetic new single that encapsulates an extensive feeling of escapism. “Moonlight” floats along with a jubilant sense of wonder that crashes out of your speakers like a sonic tidal wave. It’s a testament to the overarching concept that Champagne Drip is striving to emulate, and it’s certainly one that looks to broaden the horizons of the perpetually fickle world that is electronic music. We were lucky enough to have a chat with the man himself, so we figured, since many interviews focused on his former approach of remaining anonymous, it’s time to flip the script and talk about a little ridiculousness with this compelling producer. Don’t miss out on the free download of “Moonlight” HERE, and catch him on December 1st at Beta Nightclub in Denver, courtesy of Vinnie Got Bass.

TMN: What three things are always inside your fridge or freezer, no matter what?

Champagne of course… Also I always have kimchi and miso stocked too. Can’t live without fermented stuff.

TMN: What’s the most embarrassing song or album in your collection?

Hmmmm. This is a tricky one because I have so many records that I should be embarrassed of but I’m proud to own them hahaha. Maybe Sheldon Allman’s “Songs for the 21st Centry”. I cringe every time it comes on shuffle and I usually skip it, but it’s hilarious.

TMN: If you were a box of cereal, which one would you be?

I think I would be a box of Freakies. My favorite breakfast cereal… Urkel-Os are pretty cool too.

TMN: If you could score the soundtrack to any TV show or movie, past or present, what would it be?

Oh man, tough question. I really would love to score a movie someday. Blade Runner keeps coming to mind. I would never want to contend with Vangelis on that soundtrack, but that movie is ripe for moody ambient scoring.

TMN: If aliens landed on earth and asked what music is, who would you play them first?

I would probably play Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” since I’m currently obsessed with that piece and used parts of it to write “Moonlight”. If not, I might play them Ween’s “The Pod” just to see what they thought.

Be sure to stay connected with Champagne Drip on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

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[TMN Premiere] Champagne Drip – Champagne Drip Theme (Big Wild Remix)

Big Wild
Champagne Drip Theme (Big Wild Remix)

Fresh off the phenomenal, Foreign Family-released original “Aftergold,” Big Wild returns today with yet another refreshing offering that keeps listeners on their toes. This time around, the LA-based producer takes on Champagne Drip‘s self-titled theme song, building on its video game inspired elements in a delightfully unexpected way. When combined with the original’s playful Giraffage-esque melodies, Big Wild’s signature thumping tribal percussion makes for a transformative, euphoric experience. At the 1:30 mark, though, the song takes an incredibly unique turn as the beat retreats in favor of an airy guitar solo from Big Wild. It’s a seamlessly woven moment where you might not even realize you’re listening to the same song until the outro brings back the initial groove.

Pioneered by acts like ODESZA, a fascinating movement in electronic music towards organic, tribal percussion and acoustic elements has emerged in the last year or so. With his string of recent releases, Big Wild has proven an innovator unafraid to take the musical risks that breathe life into his music and make his adventurous sound unrivaled. It’s a style that promises to translate well to performance so make sure to catch Big Wild on one of his upcoming tour dates. In the meantime, hit play above and take a sonic journey.

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