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Hoodie Allen – Crew Cuts (Free Album Download + Stream)

After building up an enourmous amount of hype, releasing 2 official videos for tracks ‘Cake Boy‘ and his collaboration with Chiddy, Hoodie Allen finally releases his free mixtape Crew Cuts.

Crew Cuts is definitely his most diverse mixtape to do date, including features from Chiddy Bang, Chance The Rapper, Shwayze, G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars & OCD along with production from !llmind, Jared Evan, RJF and Sap. You can stream all the songs below as well as download the album in its entirety here.

With Crew Cuts, I had two big goals in mind—1. I wanted to challenge myself to try new things and work with new people. I have grown up a lot in this past year and I wanted the music to reflect those experiences. It is easy to “play it safe” as an artist, but I think in order for your fans to grow with you, you can’t be afraid to evolve and be better. 2. I wanted to collaborate with my amazingly talented friends and make a free project that sounds and feels like a debut album.
’Hoodie Allen – Let Me Be Me’
’Hoodie Allen – Fame Is For Assholes (feat. Chiddy)’
’Hoodie Allen – Reunion’
’Hoodie Allen – Good Intentions’
’Hoodie Allen – Cake Boy’
’Hoodie Allen – Long Night (feat. Chance The Rapper)’
’Hoodie Allen – Two Lips (feat. OCD Moosh and Twist)’
’Hoodie Allen – Casanova (feat. Skizzy Mars and G
’Hoodie Allen – Heart 2 Heart (feat. Jared Evan)’
’Hoodie Allen – Goodbye (feat. Shwayze)’
’Hoodie Allen – Where Do We Go Now’
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JACK BEATS – About to Get Fresh Ft. Chiddy Bang & OV

About to get so fressssh

Our dreams have come true. Three of the most prolific artists of their corresponding genres have come together for a beat too fresh not to check out. Jack Beats commissions the popular indie hip/hop duo Chiddy Bang and Foreign Beggars’ OV for a few energetic verses wrapped around a bouncy Juggernaut production. “About to Get Fresh” is a beat-based track, much what you would expect from Plus One and Beni G.

About to Get Fresh Ft. Chiddy Bang & OV’

JACK BEATS’ “About to Get Fresh” will be released December 9 via OWSLA.

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[Hip-Hop] Chiddy Bang – Paper & Plastic

The Philly-based duo, Chiddy Bang, team up with Converse for a pretty awesome and swagged-out track. As usual, Xaphoon Jones is on point incorporating the perfect amount of electro sounds in his production. Chiddy employs a flow popularized by the likes of Juicy J and 2 Chainz, which has recently become a staple in hip-hop. While a bit corny at times, the style is delivered perfectly by the rapping half of the group, who finds a way to put his own spin on it still expressing his individuality as an artist. A great record to turn up and grind to.

’Chiddy Bang – Paper & Plastic’
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[Video] Chiddy Bang – Handclaps & Guitars

One of our favourite acts around, Chiddy Bang, has dropped this video to accompany ‘Handclaps & Guitars,’, from their record ‘Breakfast’. Directed by Taylor Smith and produced for GMAD, the video has great footage from their show at SXSW 2012, and perfectly captures the mood of the festival. This an unmissable video, whether you were there or not.

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[New] Chiddy Bang – Zeros

The hip hop duo called Chiddy Bang has taken huge steps with the digital release of their first full length, titled Breakfast. The album’s positive reception from the singles “Ray Charles” And “Mind Your Manners” has them nearing the ten slot on Billboard’s charts solely from online sales. Their new track, “Zeros”, hopes to keep the hype going before the album’s physical release this week and hits hard enough to do just that.

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Chiddy Bang – By Your Side (Ft. CocoRosie)

By Your Side, a new CocoRosie remix by Chiddy Bang is the shit. Excuse my language, but it is what it is. I listened to this track five times in a row. Some might consider Chiddy Bang aka Team Swelly a little on the softer side, but the duo put out catchy cuts nonstop.

CocoRosie is the real story though. Comprised of two sisters, Bianca “Coco” and Sierra “Rosie” Casady, who were born and raised in the United States, but actually didn’t bond their musical talents together until reuniting in Paris in 2003 after years from being apart from each other. Since they have recorded four full length albums and have a massive following across the United States and Europe.

Chiddy Bang – By Your Side (Ft. CocoRosie

Bonus: Chiddy Bang – Swelly Extra Well (Ft. Chip Tha Ripper)

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Chiddy Bang – Ray Charles (Skeet Skeet Moombahton Remix)

We love Chiddy Bang, we love Moombahton. Enough Said.

Chiddy Bang – Ray Charles (Skeet Skeet Moombahton Remix)


Skeet Skeet is a Los Angeles Producer, view more songs on his soundcloud.

via hypem

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