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[Electronic] Covex – Vertigo (feat. Chloe Tang)

Vertigo (ft. Chloe Tang)

As somebody who experiences vertigo on the rare occasion, I can say, it’s no joke. Neither is “Vertigo” by Covex. This single, featuring Chloe Tang on vocals, is the real deal. Together these Denver creatives put together a chilling record.

“Vertigo” is going to give you goosebumps; it may be right away, or it may be as things progress and the Covex x Chloe team sink into your soul. With a spacey, almost otherworldly tone, the song is easy to lose yourself in as it casually lures you into its midst. If you’re having a rough start to your week, this will ease your pains. For double the soothing dose, add this to your digital library today.

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