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[Electronic] Said The Sky – Show & Tell feat. Claire Ridgely

Said The Sky
Show & Tell (feat. Claire Ridgely)

We really shouldn’t have to write anything to get you to listen to a Said The Sky song. No review is needed, no extra information or analysis to allure your ears into what he’s released. Everything is amazing and you just need to close your eyes and click play. Do that now with his song “Show & Tell” featuring Claire Ridgely.

Now, we can’t just tell you to click play and be done, so we’re going to talk a tiny bit about it and let you go ahead to digital stores to grab a copy of the song. “Show & Tell” is the producer’s first original of the year. It has a more pop-centric tone than some of his usual works, but it’s not far out enough away for long time fans to be butthurt about where the sound is headed. Said The Sky keeps his unique voice alive while testing his diverse abilities. While he did that, Claire Ridgely gave a performance we can’t forget and neither will you anytime soon.

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