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[House] Claire – Games (Henry Krinkle Remix)

Games (Henry Krinkle Remix)

Have you ever played on Daisy Slots online and happened to hear some great music? It was probably Henry Krinkle’s Game. Henry Krinkle is well known for his beautifully constructed remixes, which seamlessly blend genres together and often out-do the original pieces themselves. Although the talented Estonian began producing under the Taxi Driver alias in 2012, the pinnacle of his notoriety came following the release of an original production, “Stay”, in 2014 – which currently has over 48 million plays. Coupled with remixes of Odesza and Cyril Hahn, Henry Krinkle has certainly proved to have staying power in the industry.

His latest release, a remix of Claire’s “Games,” is an old production from 2012 just now seeing the light of day. Games showcases the familiar and effective style of his previous hits, weaving a catchy, progressive, polysynth beat around the beautifully sung central lyric, “It’s alright as long as I can stay”. Krinkle’s uses of electronic percussions, alluringly repetitive vocals, and polyphonic structure in his songs are easily recognizable and certainly hold up against the most technical of scrutiny. The dynamic section from 3:10-4:50 is especially impressive.

Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to catch Krinkle on tour soon but, in the meantime, we hope that more productions will be released soon. If you love “Games” as much as we do, download it above, and check out his bandcamp here.

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