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[House] TÂCHES – Prints of Whales (Ft. PB Kaya)

Prints Of Whales (Ft. PB Kaya)

There are a few things we love about Thursdays. For one, it’s almost the weekend. For two, most clubs bring in top notch talent. Lastly, it’s pretty much socially acceptable to show up to work on Friday with a mild hangover. Today, we can add one more thing in the mix, with “Prints of Whales.”

If there was one way to describe TÂCHES‘production style, it would be that he is able to make a mountain out of a molehill. His originals and remixes are built around simple elements that work together as a well-oiled machine into something sophisticated and mature. After three months of silence from the UK talent, he arrives in full force back to the releases space with “Prints of Whales.” Craftily interlacing smooth bass darts and jaunty piano melodies, this tune unusually executes darker, drearier elements into a more glowing fashion and develop into a deep house gem.

Big ups to TÂCHES once again on this tune and for the free download.

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