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[Indie-Electronic] Close To Monday – First Class

Close To Monday, a European indie electronic duo, has a knack for crafting music that resonates deeply with the soul. Composed of the talented producer Alexander and the expressive singer/songwriter Ann, they’ve been making waves in the electronic music scene. Their work, which includes chart-toppers on the Deutsche Alternative Charts and accolades from international film festivals, showcases their ability to blend deep emotional narratives with captivating soundscapes.

Entering 2024, Close To Monday releases “First Class,” a track that marks a delightful shift in their musical style. It’s a piece that stands out, not just for its inclusion in Uproxx’s ‘Favorite Hotel Stays In 2023’, but for its distinct departure from the energetic design of their previous songs. “First Class” slows things down, inviting listeners on a more introspective journey. The track is a fascinating exploration of ambition and the pitfalls of luxury, wrapped up in a metaphor about a man’s transformation into a monster amid the lavishness of first-class travel.

The accompanying music video for “First Class” is a minimalist work of art. Filmed in an art space by their dedicated team, it shows the duo’s commitment to their artistic vision. The video emphasizes the interplay of light and shadow, sound and silence, drawing viewers into the emotional core of the song. It’s a visual narrative that complements the song’s thematic exploration, ensuring the focus remains on the melody and the core essence of the sound.

“First Class” shows off Close To Monday’s musical evolution. It’s a track that displays their ability to weave complex narratives into their music, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond just listening. The song’s slower tempo and introspective feel offer a fresh perspective, highlighting the duo’s versatility and depth.

In essence, “First Class” is a vivid illustration of Close To Monday’s musical capabilities and creativity. It’s about storytelling, emotional exploration, and the connection between artist and audience. With this latest release, Close To Monday invites listeners to dive deeper into their world, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of human emotions that they so skillfully depict in their music.

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[House] Close To Monday – Religion (DJ Slevin Remix)

The indie electronic scene has always been a melting pot of innovation and artistic expression, and Close To Monday stands as a beautiful example of just this. Their recent collaboration with DJ Slevin on a remix of their single “Religion” exemplifies this spirit of exploration and creativity.

DJ Slevin’s creates a bold reimagining that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. He melds the pulsating energy of Close To Monday’s original sound with his own unique style, putting something together that’s a great blend of his own sound while maintain the core of the integrity of the original. The fusion of synthesizers and robust bass lines in this remix creates a solid emotional journey. Listeners are invited to dive into a world where freedom and choice are not just concepts, but palpable experiences.

The track unravels like a revelation, urging hearts to sync with its frenetic rhythm. This remix is a confluence of diverse electronic elements, each contributing to a distinctive atmosphere.

Close To Monday, an European Electronic Rock band, has been a notable name in the indie scene. With albums like Interference and Secret Wishes clinching top spots in the Deutsche Alternative Charts, they’ve proved their mettle. Their music videos, such as “Guns” and “Split,” have been lauded at international film festivals, further cementing their reputation.

Their collaborations with icons of the electronic music world — AKA AKA, Biicla, Dirty Doering, Mollono.Bass, Ron Flatter — dot their story with great milestone and prove their longevity and talent.

The essence of Close to Monday’s music is encapsulated in their philosophy – it’s a guide for those on a journey, either within themselves or through the world around them. Each track is a ‘photo of feelings’, capturing moments and emotions that resonate universally. The band’s name itself is symbolic, evoking the fleeting serenity of the last moments of weekend bliss, just before the reality of Monday dawns.

Close to Monday goes above and beyond the call of duty. It takes listeners across borders, through a spectrum of emotions, offering a sanctuary where serenity and reality coalesce.


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[Synth Pop] Close To Monday – Lie

Ann and Alexander of Close To Monday are quickly making a name for themselves with their immersive electronic pop sound, drawing comparisons to groups like CHVRCHES and Boy Harsher. Yet, what really sets them apart is their ability to create a soundscape that’s not just about the music. Listening to their tracks, you’re transported to cinematic worlds, reminiscent of the haunting beauty in “Drive” or the neon-lit, futuristic vibes of “Blade Runner”. It’s this blend of sound and imagery that makes their music an experience rather than just a playlist addition.

Now the focus is on “Lie”,  it truly is a story of Ann and Alexander themselves that’s captivating. Their approach to music is like painting a picture, each note adding a stroke of color to their sonic canvas.

Close To Monday has already etched their mark in the music world, earning top spots in the Dutch Alternative Charts and acclaim for their music videos at film festivals in London, Rome, and Paris. This international recognition speaks volumes about their talent in marrying sound with visual artistry.

In essence, Close To Monday are storytellers as much as they are a band. Come join them in a world where music goes beyond sound but also brings you on an experience, a journey through emotions and imagery.

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