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[NEW] Collarbones – Turning (Flume Remix)

Turning (Flume Remix)

Flume season has arrived–or did it ever actually end? His debut album had a staying power unlike anything we’ve ever seen in electronic music along with his subsequent work with Emoh Instead as What So Not. From a material standpoint, we haven’t heard much new original work from the Australian beat pioneer, save for the phenomenal “Some Minds,” but he’s most certainly not been dormant either.  Since his rapid ascension, he’s been touring pretty much non-stop releasing a few remixes along the way, often premiering them in live sets.

Today, we get one of the remixes he’s been playing out at festivals and it’s an amazing one that we certainly remember from his set at Sasquatch! festival. Taking on “Turning,” a gorgeous tune from Sydney/Adelaide natives Collarbones, Flume creates a massive and beautiful composition that, in the context of his live set, packs an unbelievable emotional power. In recent interviews, Flume’s been talking about how he doesn’t consider his music “EDM” and you can see what he means on atmospheric tracks like this. We can’t wait for more new material but, in the meantime, this beauty will be in heavy rotation.

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