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[Future Rave] CRISTIAN MARCHI – Con Il Nastro Rosa

Cristian Marchi is back at it again, this time giving Lucio Battisti’s timeless tune “Con Il Nastro Rosa” (With the Pink Ribbon) a cool, fresh spin. Known for his killer instinct for what makes a track hit just right and his knack for crafting remixes that stick, Marchi has been a major name in the electronic music game since the late ’90s. He’s been lighting up dance floors worldwide with his tunes and remixes that just beg you to move.

For his latest , Marchi teamed up with Luis Rodriguez, Paolo Sandrini, and the incredibly talented Massimiliano Ferriani, blending the charm of Battisti’s original with the pulsating energy of the Future Rave genre. It’s a stellar example of how Marchi has a talent for making old classics resonate with today’s vibe.

Alongside staying active with new releases, he’s also out there guiding up and coming talent and making moves in different industries, proving he’s got skills that go way beyond the decks. This latest remix of “Con Il Nastro Rosa” highlights his roots within electronic over decades, as well as showcases the ideal of merging the old with the new, highlighting his pursuit of fresh sounds. As this remix starts to spread, it’s set to enchant listeners and add another chapter to Marchi’s legacy, proving he’s still pushing the limits and going above and beyond the call of duty.

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