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[Chill] Anna Of The North – ILYAF 1996

ILYAF 1996

We have selfishly been hiding this track from you guys for far too long. Anna Of The North is, bar none, the greatest talent you’ve never heard of and that has gone on for far too long. I think it’s only fair to end my blogathon run with this track as it is my personal favorite and one of the most played songs in my personal collection. Donna Lewis’ 1996 karaoke classic “I Love You Always Forever” may be forgotten in the eyes and ears of most, but not Anna Lotterud of Oslo, Norway. This future legend dusted off the record and recruited producing extraordinaire Brady Daniell-Smith to recreate and as you can see, it is streets ahead of the original. Anna’s silky and warm voice pays tribute to Lewis’s rendition but, over Brady’s dream pop composition, becomes a euphoric and infectiously happy cover. I challenge ever Ninja to listen to this once (or thirty times), by the end you’ll be smiling, guaranteed. But this starlet’s catalogue doesn’t end here. Her Sway EP, now on iTunes, is one of the best 1-2 punches of 2014. Sway, America’s next great radio hit, is already turning major heads in both the creative and A&R sides of the industry and the B-side, Undervann, is one of the most hauntingly beautiful things you will ever hear. The future is so bright for this young artist (and her production team) and we can’t wait to see how far she’ll go!

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[Alternative] Paramore – Ain’t It Fun (Kavalier Cover) feat. Molly Williams

Kavalier (Official)
Ain't It Fun (Kavalier Cover) feat. Molly Williams

We were just about to share a different song by Kavalier when this popped on our radar. Molly Williams has always dazzled us with her sublime talent but we were blown away when she made the pop crossover and joined Kavalier on this Paramore cover. “Ain’t It Fun” maintains the upbeat, airy vibe of the original, however something must be said of Sean and Jake’s reconstruction of this track, especially the almost distorted bassline by Sean. This is just one of many features in their cover series so be sure to keep tabs on the Kavalier boys as well as the gorgeous Molly Williams.

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[Cover] Fade Into You – Mansions on the Moon (Mazzy Star Cover)

Fade Into You
Mazzy Star x Mansions On The Moon

Many times when something one loves from the past is brought up to the present day through another artist’s vision, it can leave that certain something feeling slightly tarnished or altogether compromised. So when we heard one of our favorite groups of the moment, Mansions on the Moon, took on the steep task of re-imagining  the folk meets drug induced psychedelia of Santa Monica’s Mazzy Star and their 1993 Top-40 crossover “Fade Into You” (another quintessential favorite of us Ninjas from the past) it was met with a slight air of skepticism. All of that superfluous reluctance, however, was easily subdued when the opening four chords of MotM’s stripped  down cover reverberated through our in-house monitors. Ted Wendler gives us his best Hope Sandoval impersonation, lightly pulling back on his typical soaring incantations in favor of a more restrained vocal style, and comes out on top of the defiant challenge. Gone is Mansions’ highly electronicized sound, instead favoring only one acoustic guitar for the majority of the tune until an enchanting climax is met with a shuffling shaker and serene back up vocal contributions. This all results in a moment that feels considerably bigger than it actually is. Let Mansions on the Moon’s cover of “Fade Into You”  take you back to your first middle school makeout session, and grab the free download above.

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[Cover] The Arkells – Video Games (Lana Del Rey)

Ontario’s indie rock favorites, The Arkells, have released a new cover version of Lana Del Rey’s song “Video Games”. Their version retreats from the electronic and orchestral overtones that hold sway in Lana’s original almost completely. Instead, the band has provided a new look into the song by way of acoustic finger style guitar and a slightly quicker delivery; A departure from even their own usually upbeat sound, this new take shows the group’s musical versatility.

The Arkells- Video Games (Lana Del Rey)


via: Blah Blah Blah Science

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[NEW] Mayer Hawthorne – Mr. Blue Sky (Electric Light Orchestra cover)

Continuing in the route of bringing a retro sound to modern pop, Mayer Hawthorne has a six-track, digital EP coming out this week online covering tracks by The Isley Brothers, Jon Brion, and even modern funk masters Chromeo. Originally performed on KCRW’s ‘Morning’s Become Eclectic’ radio show a few months ago, Hawthorne has released the studio version of his rendition of of Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky.” His soulful voice fits the mood of the jaunty tune perfectly.

Mayer Hawthorne – Mr Blue Sky

’Mayer Hawthorne – Mr Blue Sky (ELO Cover).mp3′

Bonus: Thought I’d include this remix with a sweet Chicago house sound that the Tapedeck Bros did of Hawthorne’s “I Wish It Would Rain.” Remixed from his amazing debut album A Strange Arrangement, this remix gives this song a completely groovy and afterhours feel, perfect for that next round of martinis.

Mayer Hawthorne – I Wish it Would Rain (Tapedeckbros Remix)

’Mayer Hawthorne – I Wish it Would Rain (Tapedeckbros Remix).mp3′
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[Cover] Jónsi – Time To Pretend (MGMT Cover)


Yanked this from Pretty Much Amazing. Time to Pretend is the name of the second EP by the indie rock band MGMT (The Management) as well as the name of their single. New versions of the tracks “Time to Pretend” and “Kids” were later released on MGMT’s debut album Oracular Spectacular (2007-2008). Jonsi, guitarist and vocalist for the band Sigur Rós (as if he needs an introduction) just recently released a cover of Time To Pretend adding his own unique style and his falsetto voice.

Jónsi – Time To Pretend (MGMT Cover)

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[Cover] Kid CuDi – Pursuit of Happiness (Barbara Cover)


Barbara is a three-piece electro-pop folk outfit from Los Angeles.

The band is comprised of classically trained lead singer, Derek Stephens and hip-hop/electronic influenced producer Frank Eybsen.

The cover of Kid CuDi’s Pursuit of Happiness began as a joke after a long night of drinking, and is their introduction song to the world. They plan “leak” a couple more tracks our way from their upcoming EP so be sure to check back!

mp3: Kid CuDi – Happiness (Barbara Cover)


And a Bonus track I found thanks at indieshuffle.com

mp3: Kid Cudi – High’s N Lows ft. Bob Dylan (Produced by Dot Da Genius)

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