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[New Release][Video] Dead Man's Bones – Dead Hearts

Weirdly creative and subtly creepy is how I can describe the music video for Dead Man’s Bones’ song titled Dead hearts. There is a good chance you have already heard them, just not as indie musicians. Dead Man’s Bones consist of actors Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) and Zach Shields. Originally intended to be a horror-themed musical, Zach and Ryan turned into the very dark but strangely intriguing self titled album “Dead Man’s Bones” released today October 6th. A lot of actors turned musicians fade away rather quickly as most are in it for the wrong reasons. Fortunately for us, Ryan and Zach do not seem to be after fame and fortune but rather after producing dark, melodically rich songs that tremble the soul and here at The Music Ninja we are glad its the latter.

My body’s a zombie for you


Pa Pa Power

In The Room Where You Sleep


You can stream there entire album on their myspace myspace.com/deadmansbones

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