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[Electronic] CVBZ – Be Somebody

Be Somebody

CVBZ continues his push to the top with his latest single “Be Somebody” that dropped on the first of the month. With it he expands on his electronic crossover sound that has some serious potential in the greater music scene. Dance music’s being tackled, but that alone simply won’t cut it for CVBZ.

The Los Angeles creator had some fun with this one as its sound just oozes with positive emotions. As far as “vibes” go, this has got all the right things going for it. “Be Somebody” is no doubt a great Summer track, but it will certainly be a bright light for us to bask in as the seasons shift and we enter into Fall. Big things are coming for CVBZ, so stay tuned for more work from him soon. In the meantime grab a copy of “Be Somebody” from iTunes today.

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[Electronic] CVBZ – Vicodin

Let CVBZ take the pain away with his new single “Vicodin.” The Oregon to Los Angeles musician just dropped this hot single today through Vault Recordings. Vocally driven with pop sensibilities, “Vicodin” has everything a proper hit needs and as you’d imagine, it is quite catchy.

“Vicodin” is just that: musical medicine. It will wash over you with a feeling of bliss that is inescapable. The vibrant melodies and seductive soundscapes are just some of the parts that make this magical track what it is. CVBZ’s vocal on this one is top notch and his production is magnificent, showing that he’s a big contender in the dance music world. With so many people *trying* to sing on their own tracks, it’s great to hear someone really excel like this.

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[Electronic] CVBZ – Be Like You (Sean Turk Remix)

Be Like You (Sean Turk Remix)

One of the hottest producers on the rise is Sean Turk. He has exploded onto the scene with his signature form of future deemed “Bedroom Bass” that fans everywhere, including a whole heap of industry figures, are adoring. Today he has yet another official remix, this time for CVBZ via Ultra Records.

Sean took on “Be Like You” and took his signature sound into a bit of a different direction. This time we get a more electro-infused single, one whose energy is a bit more upbeat than his usual cuts. Sean’s not only killing the game with his amazing music, but he’s showing a bit of diversity that will help him out in the long run. He’s got a wonderful career ahead of him and this is just the beginning. Look out for more official remixes and originals coming from Sean Turk in the future. For now, enjoy his official remix and get a copy if you want it.

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