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[Chill] Daughter – Youth (Izzard Remix)

Youth (Izzard Remix)

The warm weather is finally creeping back in. You actually find time to sit down outdoors and soak in the world around you. The nights are short, but temperate and beautiful. When you gaze into the vast expanse, you may see stars, you may not, but they are there and always shining. Even the infinite darkness that is space, there are insurmountable pieces of awe inspiring sights. If there ever was a soundtrack to complement this experience, one of the ideal tunes to explore this with would be Izzard‘s transformative take on the essential Daughter track, “Youth.”

A slow, droning build constructs the foundation for the song, augmenting a gentle guitar melody into an electronic, shape shifting dream. The entire three and half minutes is dripping with emotive elements, juggling them among senses of wonder and hope, along with uncertainty and gloom. There is plenty to draw from this tune, and it sets up a means to enjoy our surroundings in a peaceful manner. Izzard finds grace within simplicity. Sometimes that is all we really need. Don’t miss out on the free download.

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