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[Hip-Hop] David Sabastian – Shit Just Got Real

David Sabastian
Shit Just Got Real

Los Angeles is home to renaissance man David Sabastian. The multi-talented artist/rapper/fashion designer/painter formed the ‘ANTI Society‘ in 2012 and has been gathering conscious individuals together ever since. He’s created a raw and progressive aesthetic for his brand that’s setting trends. Sabastian goes off on ‘Shit Just Got Real’ – the newest single from his forthcoming album, I Am Anti, due out later this year. After an extended creative hiatus, his first single ‘Duh‘ was released back in July. It feels like Sabastian may go on a roll here and end the year on a very high note. This video was directed by Alexander Hadden alongside David Sabastian and is quite the thrill. I’d join the ANTI Society before they close their doors.

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