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[House] Klingande – Losing U (Feat. Daylight)

Losing U (Feat Daylight)

Ultra Records got their hands on a cool record with “Losing U” by Klingande. Ultra is known for releasing some big dance records that are more of the festival style, but Klingande and Daylight bring with them a softer sound with pop undertones and acoustic sensibilities. The build up and drop both center around a violin melody that you’re not going to here often in dance music. It’s nice to get that change of pace with someone who is willing to step outside the norm and bring that non-electronic touch to dance music. “Losing U” is an uplifting original that proves to fans that Klingande is back for good, as he was previously on a bit of a hiatus. Fans weren’t disappointed, and we weren’t either. Get your copy at your preferred digital store by heading through this link. Stay tuned for more from the French producer in the coming months.

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