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[Groovy] INSTRUM – Night Rolls (ft. Somni)

Night Rolls (ft. Somni)

INSTRUM is one of the few producers we religiously follow here at TMN. With that said, it’s truly amazing to see how he progresses as an artist. He hits the jackpot once again with this groovy gem titled “Night Rolls”. The vocals provided by the other star of the tune, Somni, also co-wrote the song together with INSTRUM. The enchanting lyrics combined with the tropical synths make for a relaxed tune that will lift up your spirits. The catchy guitar riffs also highlight the track, together with the groovy bassline, it’s definitely something you want to sing along and dance to for a good time.

“Night Rolls” will be out on Feb 29 via Armada Deep on major platforms. Make sure to support his releases if you dig his music! Seriously, sky is the limit for INSTRUM.

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