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[Trap/Future] Destiny’s Child – Jumpin’ Jumpin’ (Billy-On Remix)

Destiny's Child
Jumpin' Jumpin' (Billy-On Remix)

Remix extraordinaire Billy-On is back with his third flip, this time of “Jumpin Jumpin” by the legendary Destiny’s Child. So far all of Billy’s Soundcloud tracks have been remixes that take from such styles as future, trap, hip-hop and R&B. With each take he’s able to show a different side of him while staying true to his sonic identity. With this newest remix, he gives us a melodic creation that is guaranteed to be a go-to when you’re looking to chill.

Billy-On brings a whole lot of good vibes with this updated version of “Jumpin Jumpin.” The tone isn’t sensational or jolly, but it does manage to provide groove and allure for the listener to connect with emotionally and physically. Created from a minimalist perspective, this remix doesn’t have a ton of components; rather, Billy uses a few key elements to their full potential to make an effective record. Throughout the three and a quarter minutes, the track moves in a tight fluidity with the most movement being near the end when the attitude gets a bit amped up. Overall, this is a solid remix that we have no problem throwing on repeat. Check it out and make sure to grab the free download.

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[NEW] Destiny’s Child – Nuclear

In this week’s edition of the completely unexpected is the reunion of the 90s-00’s girl group Destiny’s Child. On the heels of news that the three will reunite and make a cameo during Beyonce‘s highly publicized superbowl performance, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Beyonce drop some new material. Their Pharrell produced single “Nuclear” is the first of new works for the girl group in preparation for their compilation album Love Songs to drop later this year. The¬†Michelle Williams, James Fauntleroy and Lonny Bereal-penned lyrics make for a catchy hook over the throwback 90’s vibe beat. Although the tune does sound a little dated, it is refreshing to hear this kind of sound that has been missing from the R&B/pop genre as well as the flawless harmonies of the three women.

’Destinys Child – Nuclear’
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