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Lulleaux & Attizz – On My Lockscreen [TMN Premiere]

Lulleaux & Attizz
On My Lockscreen

Dirty Soul Music has come to the dojo with a new collaboration between Lullaeux and Attizz. In this premiere you get a sneak peak at “On My Lockscreen,” a smooth indie dance record that has radio written all over it. But first, you’ll listen here in the dojo!

Lulleaux & Attizz put together something that’s undoubtedly will connect with anyone who grew up with a cell phone. Everything about this song is memorable, with the vocal performance taking the lead in the catchy category. With the instrumental, we get an interesting composition that is quite simple, until the piano melodies come striking in. It gives the song some added depth to spice things up a bit, not that it was needed. “On My Lockscreen” is going to be at the top of our playlists this Summer and likely will be for you too.

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NALL Feat. Samuel – St. Jude [TMN Premiere]

NALL Feat. Samuel
St Jude

Dirty Soul Music are the people to know if you’re looking for good house music. Today we share with you the premiere of a brand new single they released from Paris producer NALL. “St. Jude” is his creation, alongside Samuel who provided a memorable vocal topline that you’ll be singing through the rest of the day.

“St. Jude” starts out with an ethereal intro that quickly leads into a smooth verse delivered by Samuel atop a chill piano-centered beat. The deep house style continues with Samuel’s vocal that runs throughout the record apart from a break in the middle of the song, where we meet a short cut time break. NALL put something really special together with “St. Jude” that has potential to make some waves on the web and the radio. For all you students out there coming back home to visit the family for Easter, you have yourself the track you need for your long travels. Throw it on repeat, and you’re set.

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[Deep House] The Tailors – Don’t Forget The Summer EP

You already know Dirty Soul Music releases some of the highest quality records on the chiller side of music. One of their newest releases comes from the Netherlands duo The Tailors in the form of a two track EP called “Don’t Forget The Summer.” As you might guess, the project is packed with two singles that keep the Summer vibe alive as the weather turns down the temperature. “Beach People” is the first track, and it comes with an overwhelming groove that persists throughout the entire production. “Thankful” is incredibly groovy too, but it focuses more on having intriguing instrumentation hold your attention. You’ll be dancing for nearly eight minutes straight while this EP is jamming through the speakers, unless you decide to throw it on repeat, which is highly likely. Then you’ll be dancing a bit longer. Want to download the EP? Get it from Traxsource.

’The Tailors – Beach People’
’The Tailors – Thankful’
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[House] Shermanology – Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender

Dirty Soul Music picked up “Sweet Surrender,” an original song from the sibling duo Shermanology. Andy and Dorothy will be releasing their The Phylosophy EP on September 18th, with “Sweet Surrender” as one of the five singles on the project. With this particular record we get the fusion of deep with progressive, along with some added pop elements and a stunning vocal that electrifies. Trust us, you’ll be singing along during the first listen through; it’s just that type of song. When you execute your plans for the night, you’ll be having this one stuck in your head, although we don’t think you’ll mind. If you’d like to pre-order The Phylosophy EP, you can do so here.

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[Deep House] Sapele – Looking At You

Looking At You

Sapele of Sweden is coming out with his EP, The Day, on August 28th. We get an early taste of the project by way of the single “Looking At You.” Soulful R&B meets deep house with this soft-hearted record. With such a subtly strong vocal, we get sucked into the track before the magical instrumental even takes full form. Despite its minimal nature, the production is extremely powerful with only a few elements. It is the perfect track for Dirty Soul Recordings to release, and it has us ninjas at the edge of our seats for what is to come on the rest of the EP. “Looking At You” is just the beginning, but it is an immense first step for The Day.

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