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[Deep House] Bobby Nourmand – MIND (feat. DOC & Goodmorning)

Bobby Nourmand : "MIND" (feat. DOC & Goodmorning) (Extended Mix)

It’s a good week anytime Bobby Nourmand steps out with a release. Luckily, that happened this week. Potion released this collaborative jam yesterday. Bobby couldn’t resist throwing some hip-hop/R&B vibes into the mix thanks to DOC and Goodmorning.

“MIND” is as smooth as can be. Bobby’s laid-back attitude breathes through the clubby composition. It has some energy behind it, pushing forward through the inescapable grooves. Minimalism is somewhat of a motif in Bobby’s catalog and he’s one of the producers who hits the bullseye every time. At no point do things get dull, Bobby always keeps the party going with his infectious music. If you’d like a copy, which you will, you can get it through digital stores today.

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[Deep House] Bobby Nourmand – D E E P in NY (feat. D.O.C. & Goodmorning)

D E E P in N Y (feat. D.O.C. & Goodmorning)

One of the coolest cats in the business is Bobby Nourmand. He’s already wowed us with his previous records including “Sister” and “Because.” Now he has brought along “D E E P in NY,” a hybrid original that may be Bobby’s best.

With “D E E P in NY” Bobby brings together deep house with hip-hop in a way that few have done successfully before. He always manages to produce with grace and precision, a deadly combination within his musical market. In delving into hip-hop, Bobby enlists D.O.C. and Goodmorning as collaborators on this vocal edit of sorts. If you’re a fan of Bobby’s you’ll recognize the instrumental as one of his previous releases. “D E E P” gets some New York lovin’ from the emcees just after Bobby gets donned as one of the hottest new artists by both DJ and Mix mag. Safe to say, he’s got some special things coming.

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