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[Indie Dance] Donny – Too Crazy To Love You

Too crazy

“Too Crazy To Love You” is the new single from the blue eyed Donny, released through Majestic Casual. The dreamy original was written, produced and performed all by the one and only Donny. Pretty impressive seeing as the single is amazing and already has received a whopping amount of love from fans across the planet.

Donny’s indie sound is borderline magical, if not over the line. It’s simply fantastic. Despite his socials saying “Donny was sad so he wrote an album” this song feels pretty upbeat. It’s fun, exciting and ready for radio stations everywhere to jump on it. Donny is one of those artists who is undeniably talented as you can see from this single alone. He’s got plenty more released and many more to come. If you’re loving “Too Crazy To Love You” like we are, then go on and get a copy from digital stores today.

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