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[House] 909 Til Infinity – Don’t Clock Me Out EP

The Los Angeles and Denver house heads 909 Til Infinity dish out their second EP with Don’t Clock Me Out. These two minimal creators have already made a splash in the scene, as separate acts, as well as one already scoring big premieres with outlets like THUMP and Dancing Astronaut. Today, we share with you their two track project that is making waves with its down-to-Earth sound.

Don’t Clock Me Out is a clubber’s dream come true. “Do That” starts things off with hypnotic beats that will mesmerize listeners into a dance trance. Despite there not being too much going on, the duo keeps up the energy and playfulness so that there’s never a dull moment in the song. Next, the title track comes to us with a bit more liveliness than the previous track. The sounds are very old school, paying homage to the classic records that came out in the early 2000’s and 90’s that these two certainly were influenced by, or grew up on. Psycho Disco released this EP, which is currently available on iTunes.

’Premiere: 909 Til Infinity – Do That (Original Mix)’
’909 Til Infinity – Don’t Clock Me Out’
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