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[Dubstep] Grabbitz – Ballin’/Don’t Stop EP

Anytime Grabbitz puts something out, it’s gold. He’s worked alongside Monstercat pushing his records as of late, and he adds another project to the mix with a pair of records called ‘Ballin'” and “Don’t Stop.” Grabbitz works with a ton of different styles, but he hones in on dubstep with this project to please all the bass heads out there. With “Ballin'” we get a bass track that has overwhelming trap sensibilities, and makes use of hip-hop samples to augment the arrangement. The track really is as it says, ballin’! He keeps the energy going with “Don’t Stop,” a song that more aligns itself with the OG style of dub. His sound design capabilities are flexed in this composition that will melt your face if you have the volume up loud enough. Stream them, or buy them on iTunes, and try to pick a favorite; we still can’t.

’Grabbitz – Ballin”
’Grabbitz – Don’t Stop’
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