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[Chill] Dream Koala – Synthetic Evolution

Synthetic Evolution

In light of the saddening tragedy that happened in Paris, French¬†native Yndi Ferreira a.k.a Dream Koala has put out this unplanned release¬†off of his upcoming EP. Titled “Synthetic Evolution”, this track starts off with ominous keys, followed by his signature vocals that will put listeners in a chilled mood. The lengthy buildup is yearning for the the soaring chorus which takes on quick drums and an beautifully eerie melody. Dream Koala succeeds once again in fusing his indie style with whatever genres he desires to explore.

We could really just appreciate the message Yndi is trying to convey. Released as a free download, “Synthetic Evolution” will be one of many other epic tunes off of Exodus EP that’s coming out December 4.

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