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[Indie/Electronic] Crywolf – Wake (E-bow)

Wake [E-bow]

Crywolf is back with his second single off his upcoming Cataclasm project that’s due out November 29th on Okami Records. First we had “Rising, Rising” and now we have “Wake [E-Bow],” another crossover record that shows just what Crywolf can do. He builds an angelic atmosphere with both acoustic and electronic elements for a creation that will have listeners marveling. He does a particularly great job with the percussion in the single, which is certainly one of the strongest elements, along with his vocal contributions. Crywolf is steadily racing ahead of the pack as far as musicality is concerned, and once the album drops, the world will know just how ahead of the game he is. For now, we have two singles that you can stream or grab on iTunes. Be on the lookout, because more might come before release day!

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