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[EDM] Insomniac Records EDC Las Vegas 2019 Compilation

EDC week has begun. For those of you going to the festival or other related activities, we wish you a fun and safe trip. For those not going, we hope you’re at least going to be doing something to enjoy your time. The good folks over at Insomniac Records have something on their hands that can elevate your mood.

The official 2019 EDC Las Vegas compilation has dropped with over thirty songs. Artists included on the project range from people like Audien, Ghastly, JOYRYDE and Party Favor to Dustycloud, BIJOU, Oolacile and many more. Whether you’re going to the festival or not, this is all the music you will need this week.

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JSTJR – Fried [TMN Premiere]

It’s just about time for EDC Las Vegas. In honor of one of dance music’s biggest festivals, the hosts Insomniac are releasing a massive compilation with tracks from artists that you can see live this year. One of those artists is JSTJR. His single “Fried” is what he has to share and he’s giving you an early peak to the whole song in the dojo!

Leave it to JSTJR to bring some sweet moombahton to your ears with this premiere. JSTJR has long been someone pushing the genre forward, so it’s nice to see him getting the love he deserves, as putting forth savory hits isn’t anything new. “Fried” certainly is a hit and it will without a doubt get people moving at EDC this year. JSTJR’s single will be coming out on June 9th along with the entire EDC Las Vegas 2017 compilation. Enjoy the early listen here in the meantime.

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