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[Bass] The Chainsmokers & Bludnymph – Self Destruction Mode (Edison Cole Greenwork)

The bass music scene, historically dominated by a handful of influential artists, is getting shook up by Edison Cole. The Los Angeles-based prodigy’s trajectory is nothing short of a meteoric ascent. 2022 saw him detonate the landscape with self-released tracks under Eon Music, hitting over 100K streams within the initial 60 days. And the explosive success didn’t stop there. Come September, his independent track clinched the top spot on Spotify’s premier bass playlist “Dubstep Don” not once, but an astounding three weeks consecutively.

It’s the “Self Destruction Mode” remix, presented via The Chainsmokers on Tomorrowland’s iconic Mainstage, that truly exemplifies Edison’s epic style. The track effortlessly marries bludnymph & Drew’s resonant voices with his melodic ingenuity, culminating in one of 2023’s most rhapsodic drops.

What stands out about Cole is his ability to infuse fresh life into remixes. His electrifying rework of Calvin Harris’ “Miracle” became an instant sensation, garnering over 250K streams in just two months. It’s no wonder then that heavyweight DJs like Jauz, Svdden Death, and even the larger-than-life Dj Diesel (Shaquille O’Neal) have jumped onto the Edison Cole bandwagon.

Beyond his recordings, Edison’s live sets have become well-known for their ceaseless energy. He’s not just challenging the conventions of bass music; he’s going beyond them.

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