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[Electronic] EMBRZ – Doubt House

Doubt House

There’s no doubt that “Doubt House” by EMBRZ is a great song. Out on digital stores now, this original single sees the Irish producer progress to new heights with his sound.

We wouldn’t judge you for thinking this was going to be a house song, we thought the same thing, but EMBRZ brings us into his signature sound, something he’s been developing since he first released music a few years ago. Since then he’s been gaining quite some speed with incredible records just like “Doubt House.” EMBRZ takes another step in the right direction with his latest and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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[Music Video] EMBRZ – Heartlines feat. Meadowlark (Acoustic)

“Heartlines” by EMBRZ and Meadowlark was a superb single released by Ultra Music that we played over and over when it came out. Now, we’re doing it again, but this time around it is the acoustic version of the song we’re jamming to. Not only that, but we get to see the musicians play it live with a video.

Beautiful would be an understatement for this. It’s something you have to experience to truly understand just how special it is. We thought “Heartlines” couldn’t get any better, but then they go on ahead and swoon us with this. If you’re starstruck like us, you might want to grab yourself a copy of the acoustic version from digital platforms today.

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[Electronic] EMBRZ – Heartlines feat. Meadowlark

Heartlines ft. Meadowlark

Who’s ready for EMBRZ‘s EP release on Ultra Records? Before we even heard his lead single “Heartlines” we were ready, but now that the collaboration with Meadowlark is out, we’re even more pumped than before. This chilled out jam is just the right way to kick off the Progress EP project.

“Heartlines” shows a slightly different side to EMBRZ. There’s a certain innocence to the song that makes it easy to connect to, from both the lyrics and the EMBRZ’s instrumental. He focuses on strong song writing instead of trying too hard and making the song about the “drop.” Instead, he delivers something beautiful out of the ordinary.Progress is available for pre-order on iTunes today, but you can grab a copy of “Heartlines” too if you just can’t wait for the whole project at once.

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[Electronic] Bring Me The Horizon – Drown (EMBRZ Remix)

Bring Me The Horizon X EMBRZ

Big things are just around the corner for the Irish songster EMBRZ. In the Spring once the weather has warmed up, EMBRZ will release his debut EP. In the meantime, we get to enjoy another smooth remix. “Drown” by Bring Me The Horizon is what got flipped this time around.

EMBRZ is one of those standout producers whose style, although familiar, is certainly distinguishable as unique. “Drown” went from being a hardened indie rock record to a heavenly electronic tune. What makes this an exceptionally interesting remix is that EMBRZ sampled multiple versions of the original, bringing in the best parts of each and adding in his own flair. When an artist picks out a song, usually they go with the flow and feel of the original, but it’s nice to see such a talented musician do a complete 180 and still manage to deliver something spectacular that is totally unexpected.

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[Indie Dance] The 1975 – Somebody Else (EMBRZ Remix)

The 1975
Somebody Else (EMBRZ Remix)

Irish artist EMBRZ came in hot with his remix of The 1975. In taking on “Somebody Else” EMBRZ managed to create something that captivated us the moment we laid our ears upon it. We hope it does the same for you.

EMBRZ kicks things into gear with a mellow introduction whose cosmic soundscapes set the listener into a trance. It feels like musical xanax, then he turns things up a bit. His smooth grooves are equally as enticing as what set the stage for them. What’s really cool about this song is that its structure is set up to where it continues to build from beginning to end, instead of simply have drop, break, repeat. On Soundcloud, EMBRZ states he hopes that we like the remix, and we have to say, not only do we like it, but we love. it. This one’s phenomenal.

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Saturday Selection Vol. 8

Saturday Selection

Long weekends are way more exciting than they should be. That’s alright though, because we’re back with more tunes from this week! And what a week it was. May has been an absolutely absurd month of quality releases. Let’s hope it stays this way for a while. Enjoy!


Brandon Locher – Slow Steps

As life rushes around and flies by, stress can pile up without you even noticing. Take some time to alleviate it with the newest ambient tune from Brandon Locher. The warmth of “Slow Steps” juggles an ominous, yet comforting atmosphere with an orchestral presence to give the tune a movie score feel. You’ll feel immersed into a different world as soon as you hit play. Given the chance, that’s all we really want to do at a certain point, so enjoy this one when you’re feeling the need to hit the reset button after a long week.


Manila Killa – Youth (Feat. Satica)

Manila Killa has always managed to create music that instantly improves your day. Between Hotel Garuda and this solo project, he never loses his stride, and the Satica-featuring “Youth” adds another definitive tune to his arsenal. With so many variations of pop music, it gets a little strenuous to pin down an exact style for it, but we wouldn’t want to do that anyway. What we do know is the approach Manila Killa and Moving Castle are taking is equally accessible and compelling, marking a shift into a new wave of genre blending.


EMBRZ – Breathe

After what seemed like a long silence, EMBRZ returned to our SoundCloud feed five months ago with the beautiful “Home.” Now we have the equitably gorgeous “Breathe” gracing our ears. Shifting from his usual beat-driven and chilled-out creations, this Irish producer breaks out into his own take on deep house. There’s more to “Breath” than what that genre usually entails, and a major part of that lies with Pat Byrne’s vocals. Taking a path of four on the floor mixed with somber synths may be a switch up for EMBRZ, but he’s demonstrated that he can create something magnificent no matter the style.


Jorja Smith – Where Did I Go?

Following up the massive hit that is “Blue Lights,” Jorja Smith is back with a reflective and soulful mindset. “Where Did I Go?” exercises restraint production-wise to allow Jorja’s vocals to serenade us into a calm demeanor while her lyrics express a sense of vulnerability coupled with contemplation. Without any hesitation, we can say that Jorja Smith deserves all of your attention and then some. Even with only two (known) songs released at the moment, enough statements have been made with this pair of stellar tunes to merit Jorja as a potential breakout artist for this year. We’ll just have to wait and see!


Crywolf – Slow Burn (Elènne Remix)

This remix gave us shivers. Not only from the already emotional Crywolf lyrics, but also from the careful and calculated transformation that Elénne was sure to masterfully orchestrate. “Cataclasm” was an amazing album from front to back, so reshaping and providing a new context for it is a tall order. Elénne is more than qualified to tackle “Slow Burn,” and we got this wonderful remix as a result. Whether or not you were planning on experiencing a cascade of feelings today, listening to this amazing rendition of Crywolf will do it to you. Enjoy that. It’s a good thing.

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