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[House] filous & MOUNT – Emelie feat. Buster Moe

filous & MOUNT
Emelie feat. Buster Moe

What did you do by the time you were eighteen? Did you reach #1 on Hypem like filous? Probably not, but not everyone can be Matthias Oldofredi. After a year long break from releasing originals, filous is back with yet another collaboration with the Austrian producer MOUNT, as well as Buster Moe. Ultra Records backed “Emelie” and dropped it on the world last week.

“Emelie” is an acoustically driven house single that doesn’t really sound like electronic music at all. With performances shifting towards the live realm as opposed to Djing, it’s no wonder trailblazers like filous are making that shift with their productions as well. This single is one that could easily be played out live, but fans can enjoy it still if a DJ played it on the decks. filous, MOUNT and Buster Moe came together to give fans something different, and each of their talents shine. Buster’s vocal is something to be treasured. With filous back, the rest of the year and the next can be incredible as far as dance music is concerned. Stay tuned for what’s to come, but in the mean time, get a hold of “Emelie” today.

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